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Advanced Sports Program After Operation With Psychological Support in Selce Croatia

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Treatment :Sports Medicine

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Advanced Sports Program After Operation With Psychological Support in Selce, Croatia

Advanced Sports Program After Operation With Psychological Support in Selce, Croatia

Sports Injury Rehabilitation helps athletes effectively treat pain and return to normal function. After surgery, rehabilitation should begin as soon as possible in order to reduce discomfort and swelling, increase range of motion, joint mobility, and strength.

Terme Selce Advanced Sports Program After Operation With Psychological Support  is designed to relieve pain from injuries to your upper body, including your hands, wrists, shoulders and elbows, as well as your lower body, including your hips, knees, ankles and feet. Combined with advanced pain management techniques and rehabilitation services, our sports medicine program is designed to reduce side effects and scarring, as well as promote faster recovery, both physical and mental.

Terme Selce Health and Sports Center, offers an efficient 12-day Advanced Sports Program After Operation With Psychological Support in Croatia, for local and international athletes. Constant professional experience and development, teamwork and individual approach to patients, with the application of high technology, are leading principles in Terme Selce work, in order to achieve optimal recovery of our patients in the shortest time possible.

Over the years Terme Selce Health Clinic has developed effective programs, that enable quick recovery and increase treatment results, diagnostics and prevention, physical medicine and rehabilitation, sports medicine, and medical wellness.

12-Day Advanced Sports Program After Operation With Psychological Support

1.  Patients are required to submit all available medical records including MRI and X-rays;

2.  If you do not have MRI or X-rays do not worry we will organize this diagnostics as well.

3.  Skype call will be scheduled shortly after our specialist of physical medicine and  rehabilitation processes all information.

4.  Medical examination by specialist of sports medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation

5.  Biodex-Isokinetic testing of muscles, ligaments and tendons – 3 tests

6.  Diagnostic ultrasound of locomotor system – 2 times

7.  Measurements  in physiotherapy

8.  Medical monitoring during therapy

9.  Individual supervised monitored sessions for advances sports preparation program:

Depending on current condition your treatment could be: individual exercises under supervision, electrostimulation of muscles, Biodex isokinetic kinesiotherapy, magnetotherapy, electrotherapy (6 different types), ultrasound therapy, laser therapy, FREMS, RF radiofrequency, traction, manual lymph drainage, manual soft tissue technics, sports massage, hypobaric therapy, REHA fitness, outdoors activity).

We guarantee minimally 4-5 hours of treatment procedures per day.

Additional therapy will be available on indication of specialist or patient’s wish, for extra charge

10.  Health guidelines under Vlasta Brozicevic, MD supervision

11.  Written report. Monthly health recording system

Sports Rehabilitation Program in Selce, Croatia

Description of the program

After the initial introduction to Terme Selce medical Center, the client will receive information about local area of Crikvenica Riviera.

On the first day, the patient will have medical examinations, physiotherapy measurements and other diagnostic options would be presented, which are required for adjusting medical program to their needs.

First individual supervised monitored session will take place the same day in the afternoon after lunch.

Every other day patients will have their therapy sessions in the morning and in the afternoon after the lunch break, each session will last for at least 2- 2,5 hours.

The program is supervised at all time by highly qualified specialists in the team – rehabilitation physiatrists, cardiologists, rheumatologist, neurologist, orthopedics, dermatologist, physiotherapists, psychologist, kinesiologists, nurses and masseurs in cooperation with neurology, orthopedic and trauma clinics from Croatia and abroad.

Who is a good candidate for this program?

People suffering from:

  • Sports injuries (tendon, ligaments, muscles),
  • Overuse syndrome,
  • Distortion of joints,
  • Stress fractures,
  • Bone fractures,
  • Pre-preparation sport program.


Diagnostic procedures and individual supervised monitored sessions for Program of physical – 12 days - 2.667 Euro

Accommodation in hotel Marina 4* half board 14 days - 630 Euro (30 September - 30 April)

Total price for program and accommodation: 3.297 Euro

Additional possibility for this program is:

MBST Nuclear Magnetic Resonance therapy which costs 540 Euro per segment.

Sports Preparation Program in Selce, Croatia

Benefits of Sports Program After Operation With Psychological Support

  • Relief of spasms
  • Increased cell metabolism
  • Increased extensibility of connective tissues
  • Increased cutaneous circulation
  • Restoration of correct joint function
  • Improve flexibility
  • Restore muscle strength, endurance and power

Why choose Us?

  • We have the top and more effective programs,
  • Our constant professional experience, teamwork and individual approach to patients,
  • Our high technology in order to achieve optimal recovery of our patients in the shortest time possible,
  • We offer a unique formula for taking care of your health,
  • We’ll make you feel and look better,
  • You may enjoy wellness, improve fitness, or recover after illness or surgery.

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