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Affordable Penile Implants Surgery in Mexico

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Best Penis Implant Surgery in Mexico

penile implant surgery in Mexico

A penile implants in Mexico or penile prosthesis is one of the treatments for Erectile Dysfunction, when other nonsurgical options, such as medication, injection therapy or vacuum devices fail to offer results. This is a permanent surgical procedure that replaces the spongy tissue inside the penis with rigid, semi-rigid or inflatable cylinders that are completely concealed within the body. By pressing the pump, water or saline is transferred to the cylinders in the penis, inflating them and causing an erection. By pressing the deflation valve under the pump, the fluid returns into the reservoir and the penis is deflated.

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What is Penile Implant Surgery?

Penile Implants are gadgets put inside the penis to permit men with erectile dysfunction (ED) to get an erection. Penile implants are normally suggested after different treatments for ED fizzle. There are two primary sorts of penile implants, semirigid and inflatable.

Each sort of penile implant works distinctively and has different advantages and disadvantages. The situation of penile implants requires surgery. Prior to picking penile implants, ensure you get what surgery includes, including potential dangers, confusions and follow-up care.

Penile Implant Cost in Mexico

Cost of Penile Implant Surgery in Mexico

The average price of penile implant surgery in Mexico is $5,400. The cost often depends on the condition of the patient and the complexity of the treatment procedure.





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Procedure of Penile Implant surgery

The medical procedure may be performed under spinal or general sedation. Your specialist shaves the area and enhancements a catheter and intravenous line (IV) for hostile to microbial and drugs. Resulting in making a cut at the head or base of your penis, or in your lower midriff, he then places inflatable chambers inside your penis (expecting you to pick the two-piece device) or inside both your penis and scrotum (for the three-piece unit). This transient method requires under an hour.

Advantages of Penis Implantation

Below are some advantages of selecting a Penile Implant Package in Mexico:

  • Totally concealed in body-Gives the penis a normal look and feel when erect
  • Low risk of infection-High quality of implant materials used to avoid the risk of infection
  • When other ED treatments fail to work, a penile implant is suggested. This is a long-lasting solution for erection dysfunction
  • The state-of-the-art clinics in Mexico are laden with world-class facilities for urological treatments
  • Best-in-the-industry price- cost of penile implants in Mexico can be up to 80% less than what you have to pay in your home country
  • Qualified and experienced doctors and medical staff ensure treatment with the best results

Inclusions in Penile Implant Package in Mexico

Here you can find inclusions for Penile Implant Package in Mexico:

  • All hospital fees 
  • Nurse fee
  • Anesthesia 
  • Surgeon’ fee

Exclusions in Penile Implant Package in Mexico

Check below for information on exclusions for Penile Implant Package in Mexico:

  • Accommodation
  • Preoperative lab work
  • Transportation
  • Airfare

List of Pre-Op Tests for Girth Surgery

Below are some pre-op tests for Penile Implant in Mexico:

  • Complete urologic exam
  • Diabetes
  • X-ray
  • Blood tests, etc

Note: The pre-op tests will be suggested after an essential physical check-up. The tests are required to be done before 7-10 days of the treatment.

Payment Options: Cash, Credit Card, Wire Transfer

Note: The clinic may ask you for a money deposit once you decide to receive the surgery.

Why we need to go for Penile Implant surgery?

If you have tried other treatments for ED such as medications or a vacuum constriction device like a penis pump, but still don’t get sufficient erection, you might be the candidate for penile implants.

In some severe cases, scarring occurs inside the penis. Such a condition is termed Peyronie’s disease, which leads to a painful, curved erection. Penile implants can be suggested to treat such a condition.

Thus, it is important to understand if the penile implant is the right remedy for your condition. You may not be the right candidate for penile implants if you:

  • Have urinary tract or pulmonary infection
  • Have diabetes that is not properly controlled
  • Have situational erectile dysfunction due to the conflict in a relationship

Types of Penile Implants

  • Non-Inflatable Penile Implant
  • Two-piece Inflatable Penile Implant
  • Three-Piece (Multi-Component) Inflatable Penile Implant

Why Choose Mexico for Penile Implant?

Every year thousands of men travel to Mexico to get penile implant surgery. The country has become of the most favorable destination for medical tourism due to:

  • Excellent infrastructure
  • State-of-the-art surgery centers
  • Latest techniques
  • World-famous urologists
  • Highly experienced Surgeons
  • Highly affordable price
  • Affordable Cost

FAQs about Penile Implant in Mexico

Penile implants are a popular choice for men who are struggling with erectile dysfunction. Although the surgery is fairly simple, it's still important to do your research before you make a decision. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about penile implants:

What are Penile Implants?

Penile implants are devices that are surgically implanted into the penis. The implants consist of two cylinders that are placed inside the shaft of the penis, as well as a pump that is placed in the scrotum. The pump is used to inflate the cylinders, which causes the penis to become erect.

What are the benefits of Penile Implants?

Penile implants can provide men with a number of benefits, including an improved ability to achieve and maintain an erection, as well as increased sensitivity and stimulation during sex. In addition, penile implants can also help to improve urinary function.

Are there any risks associated with Penile Implants?

As with any surgery, there are always risks involved. However, complications from penile implant surgery are rare. The most common complication is infection, which can usually be treated with antibiotics.

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