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Calf Implants Packages in India

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Calf Implants Packages in India


Calf Implants Packages in India


Calf implants or calf augmentation is performed to enhance the appearance of the calves. The implants are usually made of silicone and are surgically inserted under the inner part of the calf muscle, called the fascia.

The fascia is a tight and strong muscle that will help enclose the implant in the original position. Before the procedure the surgeon will assess your calves, check you medical history and ask you what expectation you have regarding the surgery. The procedure takes between 1-2 hours and the recovery is fast. Implants are resilient to undergo the physical stress of strenuous activities and sports.

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Raj Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Centre

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Benefits of calf implants

  • Make your legs appear more muscular
  • Add definition and mass to the calves
  • Give anatomical balance
  • Corrects congenital and physical defects such as: clubfoot, polio disease or spina bifida



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