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Extended Medical Check-up in Frankfurt Germany

Package price starting from: $700
Treatment: Executive Healthcheck, Blood Work Diagnostics
Associated Center: IMC Intermed-Consult
, Germany
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Extended Medical Check-up in Frankfurt, Germany


Extended Medical Check-up in Frankfurt, Germany

A check-up package is crucial for each and every one of us. Unfortunately, a complete set of tests and procedures is not so handy to everyone. High prices, long waiting lists, the lack of insurance or a poor medical level can stand in the patient's way of knowing significant aspects about his/her health status.

The extended medical check-up package offered by IMC Intermed-Consult addresses both local and international patients, fulfilling specific needs and requirements and having the advantage of being easily customizable according to each individual's needs.

Benefits of the check-up package

  • Affordable price
  • Complete, comprehensive package
  • Performed by highly trained medical team
  • Offer the possibility of detecting possible medical conditions that the patient was not aware of
  • Top notch medical equipment

Cost, Inclusions, and Exclusions

IMC Intermed-Consult offers the Extended Medical Check-up package with prices ranging approximately between700-950 Euro, depending on the performed examinations.

The package includes the following investigations:

  • Primary consultation with attending physician
  • Review of existing medical reports
  • Detailed medical history
  • Full-body physical examination
  • Comprehensive laboratory screening (blood/urine)
  • Abdominal sonography
  • ECG (resting)
  • Closing discussion & lifestyle coaching
  • Detailed medical report on check-up and its results

Why Choose Us?

  • Each single inquiry will be personally evaluated by the medical center's medical doctors and experts
  • Top-notch diagnostics
  • The most innovative therapies
  • Cutting-edge medical technology
  • Permanently up-to-date with the current state of research in medical sciences
  • Network of academic and clinical experts

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