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Stem Cell for Knee Injury - Top Treatment Package in Germany

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Package Price : $9000

Treatment :Stem Cell Therapy

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Location : Bad Kissingen,Stuttgart ,Cologne,Ingolstadt,Baden,Munich,Hamburg,Salzburg,Munich | Salzburg,Berlin,Heidelberg,Frankfurt,Freiburg,Kandern,Oberaudorf,Lahr,Edenkoben,Lenggries,Brannenburg, Germany

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Package Details

Stem Cell for Knee Injury

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Injury

Numerous new studies and projects researches have come forth in the global market for stem cell therapy. Because of the beneficial nature of stem cell therapies, Europe displays significant growth potential for this market. 

Implementation of stem cell therapies against some of the everyday injuries and with a promise of fast recoveries is proved by using stem cells for knee conditions. Encountering an injury to the knee meniscus, cartilage, ACL or MCL ligaments or even chronic knee pain can now be healed using this more effective and less painful way.

Stem cells are withdrawn from bone narrow and precisely injected into the injured tissue and the procedure is done with the help of ultrasound or x-ray. Also, the concentrated platelets enable additional healing and are used for boosting the stem cell that will be injected in the body. In order to keep the stem cells active, these platelets are injected on every 3 - 5 days. 

This therapy is mostly used for osteoarthritis but can be used for other degenerative knee diseases. 

Top Destinations for Stem Cell for Knee in Europe

1. Dr. Siegfried Block ( Lenggries, Germany )

Package Cost: From 9,000 EUR


The total costs comprise the cost of the living cell treatment and the costs for board and lodging, for medical care, and for the lab work.
Spacious one or two-bedrooms and suites are available, all with bath, balcony, telephone, cable TV, mini bar, In-Room movies (charge), and Internet Service; full board can take special diets into account. Elevators and an underground garage are available.

2. German International Clinic ( Frankfurt, Germany )

Package Cost: From 18,000 EUR


Consultation, treatment plan, and maybe some diagnostic
Stem cell infusion
Magnetic field therapy and regional Hyperthermia



  • Procedures happen within a single day.
  • Viable alternative for those facing surgery or joint replacement.
  • Avoiding lengthy and painful rehabilitation.
  • Patients are less vulnerable to infections and blood clots that can be caused by surgeries.
  • Stem cells contain growth factors which stimulates tissue growth.
  • There is no threat of patient rejection.
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