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Seizure Treatment in Beijing China

Package price starting from: $21000
Treatment: Neurology, Microscopic Brain Surgery
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Seizure Treatment in Beijing, China

Seizure Treatment in Beijing, China

Seizure disorder is one of the most common neurological disorders that exist. It is characterized by surges in electrical signals in the brain which can cause loss of consciousness, involuntary arm and leg movements, twitching and shaking, temporary confusion and spells of staring at one spot. The problem with seizures is that it cannot be controlled and that they can occur at any time, meaning that it can interrupt whatever the patient is doing. Seizure disorder is also known as epilepsy.

Available treatments mostly focus on keeping the seizures in control and reducing the symptoms. This is done, usually, through the use of medications, which help with reducing the intensity and frequency of the seizures. In some cases, patients become seizure-free for a long time, but the problem is that they still have to take the mediations, or the seizures will return. If the medications don’t help, then neurosurgery is recommended, although open brain surgery is always a risk, which is why it is reserved only for the more severe cases.

However, with the advances in medical technology and stem cell research, there are now new treatments for seizures available. One of those, at Beijing Puhua International Hospital, is focused on combining stereotactic minimally-invasive brain surgery (with the help of a robot) with injection of stem cells into the patient’s brain. Through a robot-guided procedure, called radio-frequency ablation, stem cells are injected into the patient’s brain; the cells then begin their work on repairing the brain cells, which helps the patient recover. This is combined with rehabilitation therapy and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), to improve the effects of stem cells. With the use of stem cells, the people suffering from epilepsy report being off the medications without having any seizures. 

Stereotactic positioning allows a surgeon to map the human brain in three dimensions and pinpoint the afflicted area to within less than 1mm. Once positioned, single or multiple lesions and affected areas can be acted upon with a minimal effect to the surrounding tissue which has significantly improved the results seen by intractable epilepsy patients.

Benefits of Seizure Treatment in Beijing, China

  • Minimally-invasive procedure is safer than open brain surgery
  • Less scarring on the head, scars practically invisible
  • Robot-guided procedure makes it extremely precise, which minimizes chances of damaging the surrounding brain tissue
  • More efficient procedure, with the patient spending less time in hospital and suffers less
  • Remission of symptoms, without using medications


At Beijing Puhua International Hospital the price for Seizure Treatment starts at $21,000. It lasts for ten days, it is an inpatient treatment, and it consists of a minimally-invasive brain repair surgery, traditional Chinese medicine and rehabilitation therapy.

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