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Sleep diagnostics

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Package Price : $4908

Treatment :Executive Healthcheck

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Location : Grand Resort Bad Ragaz CH - 7310 Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

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Sleep Diagnosis in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Sleep diagnostics


Rediscover a rejuvinated and healthy life through restful sleeps
  1. Do you experience difficulty falling asleep or sleeping through the night?
  2. Do you snore?
  3. Do you struggle to get a restful nights’ sleep?
  4. Do you suffer from tiredness and a lack of
  5. energy?
  6. Do you have an irregular sleep-wake cycle or difficulty concentrating?
If your answer to any or every of these questions is "Yes", then you need a complete sleep diagnosis to be healed from these problems.
The Sleep Diagnosis Program
Our extensive diagnostic procedure using video polysomnography records everything that disturbs you during your sleep and enables a clear diagnosis to be made on the basis of the results. You will receive specific recommendations from our medical specialists for lasting relief from your sleep problems.
What All are Included in the Sleep Diagnosis Package

The programme includes the followings:

  • Detailed discussion of your medical history with your doctor

  • Specimen tests in the laboratory to check the values for liver, kidney and thyroid function, blood sugar levels and blood

  • lipids, and to check the blood count

  • Pulmonary function test (including testing the total size of your lungs and the airway resistance)

  • Thorough sleep investigation with video polysomnography

  • Concluding consultation with your doctor (discussion of all test results and personalised

  • advice with recommendation of possible therapy methods)

  • Your personal health dossier (in German or English)

  • Personalised support throughout the programme

Cost of the Sleep Diagnosis Package

The programme price (3 days/2 nights) per person (including accommodation) with accompanying
person is CHF 4’850.00, which is $4908.0

This programme is available starting on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and includes
two overnight stays alone or with an accompanying person at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in
a hotel room designed specifically for diagnostic packages. Overnight stay including generous
buffet breakfast are included in the price of your stay.

If you would love to learn more about Sleep Diagnosis package at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, click on the button below, and reach out the clinic directly. 

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