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Institute of Cell Therapy

Anti-Age Stem Cell Therapy in Kiev, Ukraine by Institute of Cell Therapy

Lyubomir Husar Ave (Cosmonaut Komarov), 3 Kyiv, Ukraine, 03126, 03035 Kiev,Kyiv, Ukraine

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Treatment :Stem Cell Therapy,Anti Aging,Detox,General Medicine,Stem Cell Therapy

By : Institute of Cell Therapy

Location : Lyubomir Husar Ave (Cosmonaut Komarov), 3 Kyiv, Ukraine, 03126 Kiev,Kyiv, Ukraine 03035

Focus Area: Anti-Aging Treatment | Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Aging | Anti-Age Stem Cell Program | Kiev | Ukraine

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Anti-Aging Stem Cell Treatment in Kiev, Ukraine

Affordable Anti-Age Stem Cell Therapy in Kiev, Ukraine by Institute of Cell Therapy

Institute of Cell Therapy brings the comprehensive Anti-age program that guarantees slowing down of the aging process at the cellular level. The program also prevents diseases associated with metabolic disruptions and contributes to higher body functional activity at any age. The center follows a unique integrated approach for preserving youth and health. This Anti-Age program includes stem cells and placenta extract injections. In addition, the program includes patient's complete diagnosis, medical procedures of organism purification and its saturation with macro- and micronutrients.

What Stem Cell Injection Does?

  • Improves blood vessels wall structure and heart
  • Starts regeneration process of all organs and tissues
  • Corrects liver's detoxification function
  • Optimizes neuroendocrine and immune system's work
  • Activates the antitumour factors
  • Increases libido in women and men
  • Improves skin condition and normalizes body weight

Placenta Extract Injections complement Stem Cells' Action and:

  • Improves sex hormone production
  • Gives energy and strength
  • Modulate the immune system
  • Helps to maintain active rhythm of life

The Use of Placenta Extract's Unique Biological Preparation in cosmetology:

  • Improves microcirculation and collagen synthesis
  • Stimulates local regeneration of all skin layer
  • Rejuvenates the skin of the face and body

The treatment program is designed for 5 days and includes:

  • Medical consultation and examination of your physician
  • Laboratory testing
  • Intravenous administration of stem cells.
  • Treatment procedures: intravenous infusion of hepatoprotectors, antioxidants and vitamins
  • Drugs and supplements depending on patient's condition and diagnosis.
  • Injections of placenta extract.
  • Manual treatments, cosmetology procedures, including masks with placenta
They also provide patients with the following services, included in the cost of the treatment program:
  • Treatment and all related services
  • 3 meals daily in the clinic
  • Airport-clinic/hotel-airport transfer
  • Interpreter services in the clinic
  • Visa support
The price of the packages is provided by request.

Why Choose Institute of Cell Therapy?

  • The hospital is the world's first cell therapy clinic, it was founded in 2004.
  • All these years, they have treated many patients from over the world.
  • Uses three types of stem cells, which are Embryonic stem cells (fetal), Cord stem cells and Mesenchymal stem cells isolated from placenta
  • Methods of the cell therapy, that developed and used in the clinic, are helping to save and prolong our patients' lives, to restore different organs and tissues and to achieve positive results in treating diseases and conditions that were considered incurable.
  • They have modern facilities and high-class professionals working in this field.
  • Professional translators from different languages are also available

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Lyubomir Husar Ave (Cosmonaut Komarov), 3 Kyiv, Ukraine, 03126
st. Kudryashova, 9 Kiev, Ukraine, 03035

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