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Anti-Age Treatment

Ukraine, Kiev , Marshala Rybalko 11-B Kyiv , 01001 Kyiv, Ukraine

Package Price : $9000

Treatment :Anti Aging,Stem Cell Therapy

By : Mediland Clinic

Location : Ukraine, Kiev , Marshala Rybalko 11-B Kyiv Kyiv, Ukraine 01001

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We offer novel anti-aging therapy using a natural, holistic approach. Our umbilical cord stem cell programs are aimed at both the prevention of premature aging and age-related diseases, and the maintenance of youthfulness. 

When introduced into a body that is aging, stem cells expand stem cell reserves and trigger self-renewal processes in all the body’s organs and tissues. They also stimulate the body’s own dormant stem cells, which improves the functioning of the internal organs, boosts the immune system, and increases energy levels. The effects observed in our patients have shown genuine rejuvenation from inside!

By tailoring our treatment to the individual needs of each patient, we ensures the best results from our therapy. Within 12 years, hundreds of patients have undergone anti-aging treatment at Mediland with pronounced improvements reported in 87% of cases, such as:

  • higher energy level, exercise power and capacity to work;
  • firmer and tighter skin, improved hair structure and growth;
  • improved mental capacity, quicker thinking, better memory;
  • subsiding of muscular, joint and back pain, and headaches;
  • normalized functioning of internal organs;
  • boosted immunity;
  • stabilized metabolism, hormone levels and blood pressure;
  • better sleep and the elimination of chronic fatigue;
  • improved libido and sexual functions.

The advantages of our treatment are:

  • no of side effects;
  • no chemicals involved;
  • minimally invasive procedure (intravenous infusions and subcutaneous injections);
  • no rejection risk;
  • no cancer risk;
  • lifetime follow-up.

The cost of the program - 9000 USD  ( the cost of program depends from the current situation wuth the health, doses and combination of stem cells types)

The program includes : stem cell treatment, personal transfer, hotel 2-3 days, tests and diagnostics, consultation with doctors, personal medical coordinator, supervision service.


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Ukraine, Kiev , Marshala Rybalko 11-B Kyiv

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