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Penile Implant Package in Mexicali, Mexico by Dr. Isamel Avila Inige at Alejandro Paredes Clinic

Package price starting from: $8400
Treatment: Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, Penile Augmentation
Focus Area: Penile Implant Surgery in Mexicali Mexico | Dr Isamel Avila Inige | Erectile Dysfunction problem solution | Penile Surgery | Tactra Malleable | Ambicor 2 piece implant | AMS 700 with MS Pump

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment with Tactra Penile Prosthesis in Mexicali Mexico

Penile Implant in Mexicali Mexico by Dr. Isamel Avila Inige

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Penile Implant Surgery Package in Mexicali Mexico by Dr. Isamel Avila Inige

Penile Implant in Mexicali Mexico by Dr. Isamel Avila Inige provides various conveniences and solutions for patients who want to deal with Erectile Dysfunction problems appropriately. This procedure is able to restore confidence and happiness for you and your partner, which is why its popularity is so popular. Dr. Isamel Avila Inige from Mexicali Mexico is ready to provide the best Penile Implant Package so that your intimacy with your loved ones will be maintained forever.

How Much Cost for Penile Implant in Mexicali Mexico by Dr. Isamel Avila Inige

You can get Penile Implant Package in Mexicali Mexico by Dr. Isamel Avila Inige for just $8,400. For more information about the Penile Implant Price, you can see below:

Procedures Fee
Hospital Fee
Total Fee
AMS 700 with MS Pump 3-piece implant
Ambicor 2-piece implant
Tactra Malleable

Note: Prices can change at any time based on the results of the final evaluation of the patient's condition, the level of complexity of the procedure, and some other unexpected events. For more information, please contact the Customer Representative.

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All Inclusions of Penile Implant in Mexicali at Dr. Isamel Clinic

Here are inclusions of Penile Implant in Mexicali Mexico by Dr. Isamel Avila Inige what you need to know:

  • All related surgical costs: surgeons, anesthesia, equipment, hospital stay, nursing care.
  • Meals and medications included while stay at Hospital
  • Penile Implant
  • 1 night stay at the Hospital
  • Personal host in Mexicali and Hospital dedicated to your travel itinerary.
  • Case Manager Assistance Bilingual
  • Transportation from Mexicali BC Airport

All Exclusions for Penile Implant in Mexicali at Dr. Isamel Clinic

Here are exclusions for Penile Implant in Mexicali Mexico by Dr. Isamel Avila Inige what patients need to know:

  • Hotel or recovery house
  • Preoperative lab work
  • Additional consultation with other specialists
  • Accommodation for patient personal needs

List of Pre Op Test before Penile Implants Surgery

Here are lists of Pre Op Tests before you do Penile Implants Surgery:

  • Complete Blood Chemistry
  • Blood type and RH
  • BH

Note: For the latest information regarding Pre Op Test, you are advised to contact the clinic directly.

Overview of Dr. Isamel Avila Inige top Penile Surgery Specialist

Dr. Isamel Avila Inige is a top surgeon in Mexicali Mexico who has experience in applying Penile Implant Surgery to thousands of patients around the world. The best Surgeon graduates from the Faculty of Medicine – Universidad Autonoma De Guadalajara who have received the title of best student for 7th - 8th this semester are also able to apply other methods such as Vasectomy Reversal, Gall Bladder Removal, Vasectomy, Surgery of Urinary Incontinence, and others. Through the skilled and experienced hands of Dr. Isamel Avila Inige, you will be able to get satisfactory Penile Implant results. Feel free to check his full profile below:

Name: Dr. Isamel Avila Inige

Specific Procedures:

  • Gall Bladder Removal,
  • Vasectomy Reversal,
  • Vasectomy,
  • Transurethral Resection of Bladder Tumor,
  • Surgery of Urinary Incontinence,
  • Varicocele, TVT Mesh Sling,
  • Internal Penile Pump (Implant),
  • Surgery of Kidney Stones
  • and kidney transplant.

Spoken Languages: English/Spanish

Degrees (certificates):

  • Faculty Of Medicine – Universidad Autonoma De Guadalajara
  • Boarding Of Velez Hospital Vicente D´Antoni At La Ceiba Honduras Centroamerica,
  • Respiratory Therapy Puente Valley Adult Schools City Of Industry, California Usa,
  • The Kidney Transplant At General Hospital “Dr. Manuel Gea Gonzalez".

Specialty: General Surgery, Transplants and Kidney Surgerys.

Best Penile Surgeon in Mexico

Ismael Avila Iniguez - Urology Specialist in Mexicali Mexico
Dr. Isamel Avila Inige
  • Mexican Society Of Oncology Urology,

  • National Council Mexican Of Urology,

  • Active International Member Of The European Association Of Urology, November 2010.

Which reason cause the affect in the price of Penile Surgery at Dr. Isamel Avila Inige Clinic?

Before undergoing Penile Implant in Mexicali Mexico by Dr. Isamel Avila Inige, make sure you understand some of the factors that affect the price of a surgical procedure Cosmetic Urology, including the following:

  • Additional duration of hospitalization outside of hospital provisions.
  • Additional fees for certain drugs.
  • Intervention procedures.
  • Additional tests or operations that occur as a result of unforeseen events.
  • All forms of accommodation other than those specified in the package will be subject to additional fees.

What is Penile Surgery?

Penile surgery is a procedure applied by surgeons in solving erectile dysfunction problems in patients. This procedure is applied by installing a type of device into the penile so that men will be able to experience the erection needed when having intimacy moment with loved one.

What Advantages of Having Penile Surgery?

Penile Surgery in Mexicali Mexico by Dr. Isamel Avila Inige is the most popular procedure that is requested because it has a number of advantages below:

  • The solution is safe and does not interfere your intimacy moments with your partner.
  • Penile Implant durability can last 10 years or more.
  • Fast recovery after surgery so you can quickly get back to your normal routine.
  • Packaged in the form of a pump and can be operated quietly without the knowledge of your partner.
  • Penile Implant is securely installed in the body so that no one knows except you.

Important Things to Know Before Surgery of Penile Implant at Dr. Isamel Avila Inige Clinic

To ensure your success, smoothness and comfort during your Penile Implant in Mexicali Mexico by Dr. Isamel Avila Inige, be sure to know the following:

  • Follow various hospital administration provisions and requirements, especially those related to the Covid-19 health protocol.
  • Prepare all your medical examination history so that the surgeon can provide the best medical care for you.
  • Generally, you need at least 1 day of hospitalization in the ward, as well as at least 7 days in Mexicali Mexico while undergoing Penile Implant in Mexicali Mexico by Dr. Alejandro Paredes.

Why go for Penile Implant at Dr. Isamel Avila Clinic

Penile Implant in Mexicali Mexico by Dr. Isamel Avila Inige is the destination of choice that has been visited by thousands of patients from all over the world. By prioritizing patient satisfaction, this is where you will get the best, responsive and reliable medical services. Here are some other reasons why this clinic is a top choice for all patients:

  • Provide health services and ongoing health care to its local community and beyond
  • Put forward ethics, professionalism, and avant-garde technology
  • Best hospital regularly recognized for its leadership in setting health and safety standards
  • Apply full transparency in treating its patients
  • Located in strategic area of ​​Mexicali Baja California, Mexico (border with Calexico CA)

Important FAQ about Penile Implant in Mexicali Mexico

Some of the frequently asked questions by patients below can be used as additional information so that you avoid misinformation. Here is the full review:

Can Penile Implant Surgery Increase Size?

A number of data show that the Penile Implant in Mexico is a procedure that is 75% effective in making the male penile longer and thicker, so that sexual satisfaction will be maximized.

How Long Do Penile Implants Last?

Penile Implant durability varies from one patient to another, but in general, Penile Implants will last approximately 15-20 years.

Is Penile Implant Surgery iin Mexicali Mexico Safe?

Yes, Mexico is one of the most popular countries for Plastic Surgery procedures, one of which is Penile Implant in Mexicali Mexico by Dr. Isamel Avila Inige. This is because of its complete facilities, certified specialists, decades of experience, and providing easy care for overseas and domestic patients.

Who is best Candidate for Penile Implant?

Generally, the best candidates for Penile Implants are men aged 50 - 90 years, who have problems with erectile dysfunction, penile deformity, and other sexual problems.

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