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Penile Implants Surgery in Mexico - Price $2795

Package price starting from: $2795
Treatment: Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, Penile Augmentation
, Mexico
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Male Erectile Surgery in Affordable Cost from Top Penile Implants Surgeons in Mexico

Penile Implant surgery in Mexico

Effective Penile Implants Treatment in Mexico Starting from $2,795

Penile Implant surgery in Mexico where competitive pricing options and a wide selection of clinics that you can choose according to your needs. Penile Implants Package in Mexico is one of the popular procedures, as well as the destination for local patients and overseas patients, who want to get the best Plastic Surgery or Penile Surgery in Mexico at a friendly price, but excellent in quality.

Best Clinics Cost of Penile Implant Surgery in Mexico with Enhancement

Here are the list of Penile Implants and Enlargements Package in Mexico that you can choose, as well as the clinics available in Mexico which provides this excellent procedure, start from $2,795:

Top Clinic for Penile Implants in Mexico



Dr. Andry Shakhov Clinic

Penile Enhancement

$2,795 to $4,995

Dr. Eduardo Cartagena Clinic

Penile Enhancement


Dr. Frank Hospital Puebla

 Penile Enhancement


Advance Health Center

 Penile Implant

$5,300 + Implant Cost

Alex with Dr. Avila

Penile Implant

$3,900 + Implant Cost

Dr. Carlos Jiménez (from Genesis Clinic)

Penile Implant

$3,000 + Implant Cost

Grupo Urologico

Penile Implant

$3,000 + Implant Cost

Gastelum Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

 Penile Implant


CER Group

 Penile Implant

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Note: Price can be vary or different, depends on complexity of problems, patient?s current conditions, and other external factors. For more information about price policy, you can discuss with the clinics you choose.

Penile Implants and Enlargements Package in Mexico

Top 5 Penile implant surgeons in Mexico

Here are top five specialists for Penile Implants in Mexico that you can choose:

Penile implant surgeons

Location in Mexico

Dr. Ismael Avila Iniguez


Dr. Eduardo Cartagena

Mexico City

Dr. Shakhov 


Dr. Maurice Aceves


Dr Oscar Leal Gastelum


What is the difference between Penile Implant and Penile Enlargement?

The penile implant utilized in Penile Implants and Enlargements in Mexico is a clinical gadget that is put inside the man's penile through a little entry point. The implant allows the man encountering erectile brokenness (or shortcoming) to have a firm and productive erection as long as the man needs it. With the penile implant, no pills or implantations are required. The little bomb shuts down all weakness, disappointment and disillusionment related to an erection. Examination concentrates on show that 95% of men with penile implants are happy with the treatment.

Penile Enlargement helps increment a man's certainty by having a thick and enormous penile. Various men need to have a thick and tremendous penile with various purposes, going from satisfying their assistant, waiting be seriously charming, capable solicitations, and so on The implant is utilized by individuals who have a broken erection issue. Penile Enlargement is a treatment to thicken and develop your penile without relying upon implants. Expert will make a little section point in the male genital region, and continue to cut the Suspensory Ligament. Starting it forward, the surgeon will be handled by freeing the most elevated place of the penile to give it the vital thickening and enlargement sway. This Penile Surgery is secured and no influences the erection or affectability of the man going through the technique.

Which benefits you can get after Penile Implant Surgery in Mexico?

Check below is some benefits that you can get for having Penile Implants and Enlargements Package in Mexico:

  • The Penile Implant will be totally embedded and encased inside your body, with the goal that nobody can know aside from you.

  • The aftereffects of the erection got will be quick and won't meddle with your close minutes with your accomplice.

  • Packaged as an implanted siphon, the Penile Implant will make it simple for you to work this gadget subtly without your accomplice knowing.

  • The solidness of the Penile Implant is additionally extremely long. By and large, these gadgets can be utilized inside 10 years or more.

  • Fast recuperation. You will actually want to get back to your standard daily practice subsequent to going through this Penile Implant, around a month and a half after the surgery performed.

Reasons that Affect Package Price for Penile Surgery in Mexico

Here are several factors that may affect the price for Penile Implants Package in Mexico:

  • Additional charges for specific medications.

  • Additional length of hospitalization outside of clinic arrangements.

  • Intervention systems.

  • All types of convenience other than those predetermined in the package will be dependent upon extra charges.

  • Additional tests or tasks that happen because of unexpected occasions.

Inclusions for Penile Implant Package

Here are several inclusions of Penile Implants and Enlargements Package in Mexico:

  • Doctor consultations at the ward

  • Patient care/nursing services

  • Room charges

  • Meals for patients

  • Wi-Fi, Private Room

  • Shuttle Facilities Airport-Clinic

Exclusions in Penile Implant Package

Check below for exclusions of Penile Implants and Enlargements Package in Mexico:

  • Hotel or recovery house

  • Preoperative lab work

  • Additional consultation with other specialists

  • Accommodation for patient personal needs

List of Required Pre-Op Tests for Penile Implant Procedure

Here are several pre-op tests that you can discuss and inform with the surgeons before having Penile Implants and Enlargements Package in Mexico:

  • Complete Blood Chemistry

  • Blood type and RH

  • BH

Things to Know about Penile Implant Package in Mexico

Things to Know about Penile Implant Package in Mexico

Make sure to understand several things about Penile Implants Surgery in Mexico, including:

  • Follow different medical clinic organization arrangements and necessities, particularly those identified with the Covid-19 Policy.

  • Prepare all your clinical assessment history so the specialist can give the best clinical consideration to you.

  • Some facilities will request that you store some cash, after you affirm that you will acknowledge the activity.

  • Payment interaction should be possible by different choices, beginning from Cash, Credit Card, or Bank Transfer. For more data about payment choices, please contact Customer Support.

How to Reach Mexico for Male Erectile Surgery?

All significant urban communities have an airport that is associated through every day departures from USA and Canada. The greater part of the European capital urban areas have non-stop trips to Mexico City, but to visit to some other city; you should come by means of the United States. Additionally, voyagers from Asia arrive at Mexico by flights through USA. The auxiliary places of passage to the nation are by means of Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Monterrey and Guadalajara. Here are some alternative options you can choose to reach Mexico for Male Erectile Surgery or Penile Surgery:

  • By Bus: Mexico has a productive transport network all through the nation and there are various choices of getting in by transport from significant urban communities in USA.

  • By Rail: There are very little choices with regards to arriving at Mexico via train, yet explorers can take a streetcar from downtown San Diego in USA to the Baja California-California line.

  • By Car: Yes you can, however kindly consider that going to Mexico via vehicle is definitely not a plausible choices as it requires an over the top measure of administrative work and explorers need to go experience a long deferral because of numerous checks through the boundary and inside the country.

  • By Ship: Cruise boat can be taken from USA to the Pacific coast in Mexico, the ones from LA to Acapulco are extremely well known.

Frequently Asked Questions about Penile Implant Surgery 

Check below for some questions that often asked by patients before they undergo Penile Implants and Enlargements Package in Mexico:

How long does the penile implant last?

The siphon (or tension driven penile prosthesis) is perhaps the most mind blowing clinical gadget Research focuses on show that most penile implants last more than 15 years.

How do I know I am a good candidate for Penile Implant?

On the off chance that you experience the ill effects of erectile brokenness that doesn't react to oral meds, you are a contender for surgery..

What are the risks of Penile Implants?

The most widely recognized danger from the system is contamination. Nonetheless, this danger is extremely low in the possession of an accomplished specialist doing the methodology. Numerous men inquire as to whether their body will dismiss the implant. The appropriate response is no. Your body won't dismiss and won't make antibodies or sensitivities against the implant.

What are the existing models?

Penile Implants and Enlargements in Mexico, the fundamental distinction between the two sorts of penile implants is that the 3-piece inflatable implant creates a more normal erection, while the pliable implant (with adaptable bars) delivers a for all time firm penile.

Video about Medical Tourism in Mexico

Check below video about Penile Implants surgery in Mexico, so that it can provide you with information that you need about this well-known procedures:

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Penile Implants and Enlargements Package in Mexico

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