Laser Foot Surgery Specialist

Laser Foot Surgery Specialist

Orlando, United States

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Laser Foot Surgery Specialist Laser Surgery Prices in Orlando United States

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Laser Foot Surgery Specialist

  We specialize in Minimally Invasive (1-stitch) surgery for bunions, hammertoes, heel spurs and many other foot problems. We also specialize in Laser Surgery for ingrown and fungal toenails, neuromas, warts, deep-seated callouses and others. ALL surgery is performed IN OUR OFFICE  We’re pleased to offer non-invasive EPAT “Shock Wave” treatment for heel pain and we utilize a computerized gait scanner to fabricate custom orthotic (arch support) devices. If you’re viewing this profile, then chances are that your feet hurt. You’re not alone. Studies have shown that as many as 4 out of every 5 people will develop some type of foot problems during their lifetime. What I’ve never quite understood is why people think that its not normal for their heads or stomachs to hurt, but it’s completely normal for their feet to hurt. If you’re one of these individuals, this center is especially dedicated Read More

Laser Foot Surgery Specialist Pricings:

Laser Surgery Procedure Details Price in USD
Bunion Removal Bunion Surgery – approx. $3500 depending on the severity of the condition $3500
Heel Spurs Heels Spurs - $3000 $3000
Hammer Toes Treatment Hammertoes - $2000 per toe $2000
Fungus Toenail Laser treatment for fungal infection – recommended 3 to 5 sessions for best results - $400/ session for 15 to 20 mins. $400
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