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Affordable Dentist Cost in Thailand at BFC Dental

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About BFC Dental

Welcome to BFC Dental, Dental Health and Smile Correction, Bangkok, Thailand   BFC Dental, located in Bangkok, Thailand is the top most dental clinic of the country with comfortable environment and first-class dental care for local and international patients. The dental care unit provides state-of-the-art facilities in a modern and comfortable environment at affordable budget and convenient time-frame of the patients. BFC Dental is internationally accredited and is listed in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. It is renowned for its excellent arrangements of hygiene and safety. The qualified dental staff of BFC Dental focuses majorly on the dental health before creating impressive smiles. The dental staffs are friendly, courteous and respectful, be it with each other or with the patients. All dentists are specialists in their respective fields within dentistry and hold relevant knowledge and experience. They are consistently brilliant in their delivery

BFC Dental Pricings:

Procedure Details Price in USD
Dental Implants Dental Implant + Crown (Osstem Implant surface: SA-BA) $1500
All on 4 Dental Implants Four Implants + Fix Hybrid Denture $5900
All on 6 Dental Implants 6 Dental Implant + Fix hybrid denture $8850
Dental Crowns Full Ceramic Crown (Zirconia / E-max) $500
Root Canal (per tooth) Molar $425
Root Canal (per tooth) Anterior $135
Root Canal (per tooth) Premolar $325
Teeth Whitening In-office bleaching zoom $265
Dental Fillings Composite Resin per surface $25
Dentures (Full mouth) Abroad Dentures (Full mouth) Abroad $885
Tooth Extraction Tooth Extraction $30
Wisdom Tooth Extraction Wisdom Tooth Extraction $175
Orthodontics Fastbraces $2795
Dental Implants 4 Narrow Mini Implants + Denture $4265
Dental Implants 6 Narrow Mini Implant + Denture $6030
Invisible Aligners Invisible Aligners $4700
Dental Bridges 3 units bridge $1500

BFC Dental Reviews

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    Come to fill the teeth and scrape the tartar here. Its very well taken care of.
    The place is wide, clean, the staff speaks well, there is a lot of parking.

    Google Dec 09 2021
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    First time do okay But the last time I do not very fine, fill the teeth, do not smooth and not very neat.

    Google Nov 05 2021
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    Dental clinic that is quite large like a small hospital, located around Bangna, has 2 floors, spacious and comfortable, with parking at the back The number of patients doesnt seem like a lot. Like being all scheduled patients Thus making it quite open Service is ok average. The dentist does teeth well. I think I should come back and do more.

    Google Oct 08 2021