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Ekol Hospitals

Ekol Hospitals

Izmir, Turkey

8019/16 sokak No:4 Cigli, Izmir, Turkey

Surgical Procedure Prices in Izmir by Ekol Hospitals

Ekol Hospitals

  Ekol Hospitals Group is based on the concept of providing full healthcare services, offers patient services in most major medical and surgical disciplines, as well as ENT Surgery, Plastic& Cosmetic Surgery,Eye surgery and Dental Treatment. Ekol ENT Hospital, the first and the biggest ENT Hospital in Turkey and Europe. Eye Hospital Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Clinic Dental Clinic The International Patient Services Center at Ekol Hospitals offers a comprehensive range of services for international patients and visitors. The staff is dedicated to providing services including consultations, diagnostic services, billing and insurance, travel and lodging arrangements and language interpretation services. Ekol Hospitals is one of the most modern hospitals in Europe, offering best facilities and services for patients and those who accompany them. Premises Services Tour Services Spoken Langu Read More

Ekol Hospitals Pricings:

Skin Care Procedure Details Price in USD
Eyelid Surgery 1 day hospitalization $2039
Face Lift face + neck lift / 2 days hospitalization $2719
Liposuction 3 days hospitalization $2719
Vaginoplasty 1 day hospitalization $2719
Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty 2 days hsopitalization $2719
Ear Surgery 1 day hospitalization $2040
Follicular Unit Transplantation FUT 3,000 hair follicles / 1 day hospitalization $3400
Breast Augmentation 2 days hospitalization $2719
Cataract Surgery unilateral / 1 day hospitalization $2040
Tummy Tuck Surgery 3 days hospitalization $3400
Thyroid Gland Surgery 2 days in hospital $4080
Tympanoplasty 1 day in hospital $3400
Mastoidektomy 1 day in hospital $3400
Laryngectomy 10 days in hospital $8840
Anti-Snoring Surgery 1 day in hospital $2719
Ear Microsurgery 1 day in hospital $2719
Sinusitis sinus surgery / 1 day hospitalization $2719
Cochlear Implants Cochlear Implants $26060
Meniscus Repair Meniscus Repair $3000
Breast Reduction 2 days hospitalization $2719
Vitrectomy unilateral / 1 day hospitalization $2719
Glaucoma Surgery 1 day hsopitalization $2040
Myopia Myopia or Hypermetropis surgery / 1 day hospitalization $2040
Dental Implants 990 euro - 1,170 euro ($1,120 - $1,325) - per tooth $1121
Orthodontics $3,435 - $4,000 $3435
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