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Affordable Dental Work Cost in Tijuana Mexico at I Love My Dentist Dental Clinic

3 Reviews
Ave. Revolucion #868, Suite C, Second Floor, Tijuana, Mexico
Price Range: $46 - 10800
Specialty: Dentistry

About I Love My Dentist Dental Clinic

  Welcome to I Love My Dentist     I love My Dentist is a renowned dental clinic located in Tijuana, Mexico. Patients coming here benefit from the most suitable and highest quality dental treatment possible. The clinic was opened in 1991 by Dr. RICARDO J. GUEVARA, who, together with his team, caters specifically for medical tourists from around the world.   From a standard cleaning, through fillings, teeth whitening and veneers right through to oral surgery and orthodontics, the team of experienced dentists can offer a variety of high quality dental procedures. With flexible timing, transparent pricing, full explanation of treatments, excellent customer care and after-care service – our goal is to exceed your expectations at every step of your treatment.   Treatments Fillings / Restorations Amalgam Fillings Dental Sealants Dentures Bridges Dental Implants Crowns Tooth Extractions Gum Disease Laser Therapy

I Love My Dentist Dental Clinic Pricings:

Dentistry Procedure Details Price in USD
All on 4 Dental Implants All on 4 Dental Implants $10800
Dentures partial denture resin - $395 / metal - $640 / flexible base - $560 / removable unilateral - $350 / interim partial denture - $185 $395
Dentures (Full mouth) complete denture - $450 / immediate denture - $550 / interim complete - $185 / partial denture resin - $395 / partial denture cast metal - $640 $450
Tooth Extraction simple - $80 / surgical - $160 $80
Wisdom Tooth Extraction simple - $80 / impacted tooth soft tissue - $245 / partial bony - $320 / completely bony impacted - $460 $80
Dental Fillings amalgam - $55 - $95 / resin based composite - $75 - $125 $55
Dental Veneers porcelain veneer (price is per each) $595
Inlay Onlay Restoration E-MAX PORCELAIN INLAY OR ONLAY $360
Root Canal anterior - $300 / biscuspid - $350 / molar - $400 / retreatment of previous root canal - $350 - $450 $300
Apex Resection anterior - $350 / bicuspid - $425 / molar - $525 $350
Teeth Whitening $250
Sinus Lifting Sinus Lifting $1500
Bone Graft bone palcement graft per tooth- $450 / additional tooth - $350 $450
Crown lengthening Crown lengthening $250
Gingivectomy per tooth - $140 / per quadrant - $245 $140
Frenectomy Frenectomy $249
Dental Implants $975 - $1,200 / zirconium abutment - $595 / zirconium crown over abutment - $695 $975
Panoramic X Ray Panoramic X Ray $46
Deep Cleaning Scaling and Root Planning (price is per quadrant) $120

I Love My Dentist Dental Clinic Reviews

  • HabanaGoodTime

    I got my root canal done last Tuesday, and 10 years worth of tooth ache is completely gone. Dr. Ruiz did a very thorough job in performing the root canal, and Dr. Martinez did the fillings. Now, my tooth feels brand new and is smoother than the rest. I will be getting my cleaning done next and whitening thereafter. The office is clean, prices are very affordable, and the staff are fluent in English. The customer service I get at this place is top notch. I live 2 hours from the border, and I would rather go here than my local dental clinic.

    Google Apr 14 2022
  • Michael

    I was a little nervous at first traveling to Mexico from the US to get dental work but honestly Dr.David and his team are really good! The prices were roughly 70% cheaper than what a dentist in the US quoted me. They were very welcoming and he made sure i wasn’t in any pain during the procedure. The service here is very straight forward and quick. It takes forever sometimes in the US just to get an appointment.i will definitely be going back when I’m near the area.

    Google Apr 08 2022
  • Tim

    I had an excellent experience here. I had my lower teeth completely restored - 10 crowns. They now look and feel like natural healthy teeth. I used the full sedation option, as I have some difficulties tolerating dental services. The team here were very sensitive to my limitations and I was made comfortable all the time. The the whole experience was free of any discomfort. The location is also excellent as it has a decent sized carpark right behind it. With a Sentri it really was no bother crossing for this treatment and I would highly recommend it.

    Google Jun 10 2022


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