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Cosmetic Dentistry Costs in Cancun Mexico at Neo Dental Cancun

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About YeahSmile

YeahSmile prices range between $37 - $24998 in Cancun, Mexico for Dentistry procedures and more. This range shows the clinic's promise to offer affordable, top-quality care to a wide range of local and international patients.

By offering a variety of pricing options, YeahSmile ensures that patients can choose treatments that not only meet their medical needs but also fit their financial situations. This approach helps to demystify healthcare costs and empowers patients to make informed decisions about their treatment options in Cancun, Mexico

YeahSmile is renowned for its exceptional expertise in delivering Dentistry procedures and more. The clinic boasts a team of highly skilled professionals, state-of-the-art facilities, and a commitment to using the latest technologies and techniques.

Located in Cancun, Mexico, YeahSmile has established a reputation for excellence and outstanding patient care. Whether you're seeking advanced treatments or comprehensive support, YeahSmile ensures that every patient receives personalized attention and care tailored to their specific needs.

YeahSmile Pricings:

Procedure Details Price in USD
Deep Cleaning Deep Dental Cleaning with Periodontal Scaling and Root-Planing, per Quadrant (PSR Deep Cleaning, Perio Scale & Root Pin 4 + Per quadrant) $110
Dental Crowns Emax porcelain crown $450
Dental Implants Zygomatic Nobel Biocare Implant cost $2749
All on 4 Dental Implants All on 4 NEODENT HYBRID package per arch $9834
Dental Bridges Zirconia Prettau Bridge per unit or pontic, does not include implants or any additional treatment $450
Dentures (Full mouth) Abroad Zirconia Prettau complete arch bridge prosthesis, does not include implants or any additional treatment $5900
Bone Graft Bone Graft per cc $245
Dental Veneers  (per tooth) Emax Porcelain veneers per tooth $450
Dental Veneers  (per tooth) Composite veneers (resin) per tooth $349
Dental Implants Straumann Neodent Implant $849
Dental Fillings Composite Resin Filling 1 surface $79
Dental Full Acrylic Dentures Hybrid Metal-Acrylic Denture bridge prothesis $4290
Hollywood Smile Emax Porcelain veneers, Smile Design, Digital Photos and Video, Scanning and Shade. $9000
Botox Treatment Botox 10 Units $85
Botox Treatment Botox 50 Units $424
Botox Treatment Botox 100 Units $550
Dental Implants Temporary partial or flipper denture $726
Cosmetic Dentistry Apicectomy $499
Dentures Snap On Denture over 4 implants $4290
Dental Implants Individual Dental Implant , Nobel Biocare $899
Dental Implants Straumann Zirconia dental implant $2200
Cosmetic Dentistry Occlusal guard per arch $110
Wisdom Tooth Extraction Third Molar Extraction $249
Tooth Extraction Simple Extraction Anterior or Posterior Tooth $79
Dental Crowns Zirconia Prettau Crown $450
Inlay Onlay Restoration Porcelain Inlays / onlays / overlay / table top $449
Teeth Whitening VIP Teeth Whitening (dental office + home) $349
Teeth Whitening Dental Office Whitening per session $210
Gingivectomy Surgical crown lengthening or gingivectomy (per tooth) $199
Sinus Lifting Maxillary sinus lift per side $1666
Dental Crowns Nobel Biocare or Straumann abutment temporary or final + Emax or Zirconia Prettau Crown $695
Panoramic X Ray Panoramic X-Ray (orthopantomography) $37
Dental Implants Straumann Neodent Implant + Abutment + Emax Crown $1544
Dental Veneers Emax Porcelain veneers per tooth $450
All on 6 Dental Implants All on 6 NEODENT HYBRID package BOTH ARCHES $24998
Gum Contouring Non-surgical crown lengthening or gum contouring (per tooth) $110

YeahSmile Reviews

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    Craig S

    This was the absolute best dental treatment and experience I have had and stands head and shoulders above any treatment I have received in Canada in regards to the service, experience, quality of work, and cost. Not only this, but the staff were very efficient, informative, and friendly right from greeting you to getting to work within five minutes of arriving versus visiting a dentist in Canada who has you sit in the waiting room for 20 to 40 minutes before moving you to another room waiting for the dentist for another 15 to 30 minutes before starting the assembly line dental work. Neo Clinic offers you water, tea, or coffee, then within 5 to 10 minutes have you being evaluated, having x-rays taken, mapping out a plan of procedure and then explaining why they are recommending what they are doing and possible alternatives that you and the dentist can discuss.

    In terms of the office, it was modern and very clean, and even a large TV on the ceiling you can watch while your procedures are being done. I also felt very safe in the area of Cancun where the office is located, they even have a staff member to help you get the office or pick you up and drop you off if needed at no additional cost.

    The treatment I had completed was two root canals, some fillings, and a crown repair that had failed from previous work completed in Canada, to add to this the dentist explained what was going on and let me know that she would be using the best filling materials available to get a great colour match and a long-lasting result and all of this at a cost that is at least 50 to 60% less than what I would get in Canada.

    I was so happy with the Dentists and all the other support staff that I asked for six business cards that I will be giving to any of my friends who are in need of some dental work. I have in fact already recommended Neo Clinic to three people since returning from my visit to Neo Clinic in December 2023 and will continue to do so.

    PlacidWay Feb 25 2024
  • User Profile Image

    Gina J

    YeahSmile is a fantastic clinic. Every member of the team is super friendly, professional, and highly competent. I had to have 4 root canals and 22 crowns placed over the span of a week and was amazed and delighted with the quality of results in such few visits. And the value!! This dental work would have cost 3x as much in the US.

    I can’t speak highly enough about Dr. Miller and his team. I strongly, strongly recommend it.

    PlacidWay Feb 27 2024
  • User Profile Image

    Liana L B

    I recently traveled to Cancun for a dental implant and couldn't be happier with my experience at Neo Dental with Dr. Miller. Initially drawn by the reasonable pricing compared to the US, I was pleasantly surprised by Dr. Miller's honesty and expertise. He clearly explained the procedures I needed and answered all my questions thoroughly.

    The entire process, from consultation to implant placement, was smooth and professional. Dr. Miller's skill and attention to detail are truly impressive. He made sure I felt comfortable throughout the procedure and followed up regularly to ensure a smooth recovery.

    I'm now sporting a fantastic new smile thanks to Dr. Miller's incredible work. If you're considering dental implants at an affordable price point and with a highly skilled dentist, I highly recommend Dr. Miller at Neo Dental Cancun.

    PlacidWay Feb 27 2024