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Thiers 42, 11590, Mexico City, Mexico

About MexStemCells Clinic

MexStemCells Clinic is a group of medical specialists in Cell Regeneration Therapy using Stem Cells. For more than 10 years the clinic's team, has researched and refined their Cell Regeneration and Regenerative medicine treatments for therapeutic purposes. MexStemCell providing the best Stem Cell Therapy for advanced treatments of kidney failure, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, COPD, autism, etc in Mexico City, Mexico Thousands of patients have found relief with MexStemCells Clinic's advanced cell therapy, which offered them a real solution for medical conditions which did not respond to traditional procedures or medication: multiple sclerosis, diabetes, arthritis, kidney failure and many more. MexStemCells Clinic is certified for stem cell treatment by the Ministry of Health in Mexico for the Treatment of Chronic Degenerative Disorders through Stem Cell Therapy and the clinic's specialists are certified for stem cell transplantation. Each case is evaluated by t Read More


Recent Reviews

  • Noel C

    I am happy to say everything went smoothly regarding the treatment, I have dialed my insulin pump back, so that makes me happy. My driver was great, the clinic was clean and everyone was super friendly and helpful. Treatments were quick and not painful (other then the first part of taking stem cells out of my stomach fat- that wasn't much fun). I have no complaints and think it was totally a positive experience, so far with positive results that I am hoping continue to improve.

    Jan 29 2018
  • Rajesh S

    My wife and i were treated with great professionalism as well as the utmost care by the team at
    Angel was outstanding and he did mention that since we were referred to their clinic by PlacidWay, they wanted us to feel very comfortable.
    The medical team explained everything in great detail and offered us therapies above and beyond what we had asked for.
    They stayed really late so that we could get treated and get enough rest for our travel back home. That was a genuine gesture of going the extra mile to accommodate a client.

    We are very pleased with Placidway for referring us to


    Dec 21 2016
  • Todd P


    May 27 2017

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