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Smile Studio

Rijeka, Croatia

Bribirska 2 51000 Rijeka Croatia

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Smile Studio in Rijeka, Croatia


Welcome to Smile Studio

Get a New Smile and a Wonderful Holiday in Croatia

Teeth Whitening Croatia

Smile Studio is a family-owned dental clinic located in Rijeka, Croatia. The clinic offers local and international patients cutting edge technology, highly professional team of experts and excellent dental treatments and procedures. Besides this, the affordable prices and the beautiful Adriatic coast region will certainly give you  a reason to smile.

The clinic will impress at first sight with its luxurious and modern equipment, and highly sophisticated technology and materials. The dental experts working at Smile Studio are dedicated to their profession and really know how to make this experience a pleasant one.

Dental Implants Croatia

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Smile Studio Mission

  • To design a perfect smile for each patient
  • To help patients smile and show their happiness without constraints and embarrassments
  • Create a relaxing and friendly atmosphere for the patients
  • Create the perfect dental treatment plan according to each patient's needs

Dental Bridges Croatia

What we offer

Smile Studio uses only the latest technological medical equipment such as the CAD-CAM technology (Computer-aided design and Computer-aided technology). This way they offer high quality, long lasting zirconium crowns and bridges, created by Swedish company Nobel Biocare-Nobel Procera.

The KODAK RVG 6100 digital radiovisiography has the highest resolution among all existing similar equipment and it sends an X-ray image on the computer within seconds. The machine also produces with 90% less radiation compared to traditional, old-fashioned X-ray machines!

The biomaterials, such as bones and membranes, used by the clinic are made by Swiss experts Geistlich. All the materials used for cosmetic dentistry, such as fillings, and for metal-free prosthesis are produced by the Japanese GC and IVOCLAR (Liechtenstein) companies known worldwide for the highest quality dental products.

Dental Crowns Croatia

Cosmetic Dentistry Croatia

Treatments & Procedures Offered by Smile Studio


  • Tooth in a day
  • All on 4
  • All on 6

Dental Veneers


  • Procera all ceram non-metal ceramic crowns
  • Metal ceramics
  • Ceramic bridges

Teeth whitening

Dental bonding

Gum disease & degeneration

  • Dental plaque
  • Dental calculus
  • Gingivitis
  • Periodontitis


Silensor device for snoring problems

Dental Treatment Croatia

Orthodontics Croatia

Prices for dental treatments and procedures

  • One surface composite filling - 45 euro - $60
  • Two surface composite filling - 55 euro - $73
  • Three surface composite filling - 65 euro - $87
  • Ceramic crown - 225 euro - $302
  • Gold ceramic crown - 280 euro - $376
  • Zirconium ceramics, Procera - 400 euro - $537
  • Ceramic crown on implant - 250 euro - $335
  • Temporary crown - 23 euro - $30
  • Removable metal plate prosthesis - 770 euro - $1,034
  • Precision retainer element (ceka anker, otcap) - 340 euro -  $456
  • Implant - 800 euro - $1,075
  • Implant superstructure - 160 euro - $215
  • Full acrylic dentures - 550 euro - $739
  • Temporary dentures - 400 euro - $537

*The prices are estimative and they may vary depending on how extensive the dental is treatment is.

Dental Veneers Croatia

Smile Studio also offers warranty for various dental treatments and procedures

  • For fixed prostheses
    Crown and bridge: 5 years
    Fillings: 2 years
  • For removable prostheses:
    Partial dentures: 3 years
    Full dentures: 1 year
    Implantation: Implant lifetime warranty, for the structural elements of the implant: 5 years

Ceramic Crown Croatia

We offer you a perfect smile in only 3 steps!

Step 1

Send us the panoramic X-ray, along with your basic information, problems regarding your teeth and smile and the way we can reach you.

Step 2

According to your X-ray and information you gave us, Smile studio creates a plan of the therapy you need and the costs for it.

Step 3

You fly in for the free checkup and meet us. We agree on the dental work that needs to be done and then we start to design your perfect new smile!


Dentists Croatia

All on 4 Implants Croatia

Smile Studio Medical Team

Dr. Tamara Kovacevic-Miksic - Esthetic dentistry, Prosthodontics

Dr. Damir Miksic - Esthetic dentistry, Implantology Smile Studio
  • Founder of Smile Studio
  • Graduated in dentistry from the School of Medicine at the University of Rijeka in 1997
  • Post-graduate study at the School of Dental Medicine at the University of Zagreb
  • Member of Croatian Dental Chamber
Dr. Damir Miksic - Esthetic dentistry, Implantology

Dr. Damir Miksic - Esthetic dentistry, Implantology Smile Studio

  • Founder of Smile Studio
  • Graduated in dentistry from the School of Medicine at the University of Rijeka in 1997
  • Acquired knowledge from world renowned professors in Rijeka, Zagreb, Milan, Vienna
  • Member of the Croatian Dental Chamber, Croatian Society for Dental Implantology and Croatian Nobel Biocare team
  • Licenses for implanting Astra and Nobel Biocare systems

Dr. Silvio Ferreri  - Orthodontist

Dr. Silvio Ferreri  - Orthodontist Smile Studio
  • Graduated in dentistry in 1993
  • Assistant professor of Orthodontics and since 2005
  • Head of the Department of Clinical Paedodontics and Deputy chief of the Stomatology clinic at the School of Medicine, University of Rijeka
  • Orthodontic specialist since 2004
  • Member of different national and international dental associations

Dr. Miljena Mia Girotto - Periodontologist, Implantologist

Dr. Miljena Mia Girotto - Periodontologist, Implantologist Smile Studio
  • Graduated in dentistry in 1996 from the School of Medicine at the University of Rijeka
  • Postgraduate study at the School of Dental Medicine at the University of Zagreb
  • Specialized in Periodontology in Rijeka and Zagreb
  • The only Croatian to reach the Top-level in the iTOP education system
  • Vice president of the association WomenDentistsWorldwide in Croatia
  • Editor of the patient-oriented stomatological magazine "Smile”

Accreditations & Certifications

  • SmileStudio is certified for using the products of the world renowned manufacturers specialized in the field of implantology systems: Nobel Biocare and Astra Tech.
  • The clinic has the international iTop certificate (individually Taught Oral Prophylaxis) for maintaining oral hygiene, issued by the Swiss company CURAPROX.

Dental Treatments Croatia

Dental Procedures Croatia

 There is nothing more beautiful than to see someone smile, and there is no better feeling than laughing heartily.

Contact us for more details about the treatments we are offering and if you need more information about Smile Studio.

Smile Studio in Rijeka, Croatia - Contact Us


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