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Dental center SI DENT, Varna, Bulgaria

Welcome to Dental Center SI Dent, Varna, Bulgaria

Dental Center SI DENT in Varna, Bulgaria is a reliable clinic for your dental implant. The dental center performs the implant with IHDEDENTAL Swiss implant system and it offers maximum protection for dental implants. Dental Center aims to offer the best treatment at a reasonable price.

Dr. Stancho Stanchev is a reputed figure in the world of dentistry and she has been serving the clients in Sofia and Varna for many years. Dental Center SI DENT has set up new benchmarks with the IHDEDENTAL Swiss implant system in the country and they aim to offer the best treatment at the best price to the clients.     

Treatments and Services

  • Dental implants
  • Installation of prosthesis
  • Review and consultation

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