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Bethany Spring Retreat Center in New Haven, United States Offers High Quality Treatments

115 Dee Head Rd New Haven KY, New Haven, United States
Specialty: Ayurveda, Yoga/Meditation
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Bethany Spring Retreat Center, Kentucky USA

Welcome to Bethany Spring Retreat Center, New Haven, United States

Bethany Spring Retreat Center is a popular location for spiritual and wellness retreats New Haven, Kentucky, United States. It is a sacred and meditative place where you can find absolute peace and solace and connect to the God. It is a prayer-filled space that it will spiritually uplift your mood resulting in multiple health benefits.

The natural surroundings will help you to get the peace of mind and the re-connect with the God. Visitors can pray the psalms along with the saints of Gethsemani up to 7 times a day. They can also attend the regular mass. There is a meditation room and you can get lost in thoughts and spread your wings of spiritual liberty. A library facility is available there and you can read spiritual books to get enlightened.


  • Guided retreats
  • Self-guided retreats
  • Pray the psalms with the saints of Gethsemani
  • Participate in daily mass
  • Meditate
  • Reconnect with Nature and God
  • Read an extensive collection of spiritual scriptures

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