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Best Lasik Eye Surgery in Mumbai India at Global Eye Clinic

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Price Range: $1040 - 2706
Specialty: Eye/Lasik Care
Focus Area: Best Lasik Eye Surgery in Mumbai India | Global Eye Clinic | Cornea Treatment | Vitreoretinal, Squint and Glaucoma Surgeries | Oculoplastic Treatment for Ocular Conditions | Corneal Transplant

Global Eye Clinic Profile Overview

Global Eye Clinic - Best Lasik Eye Surgery in Mumbai India

Global eye clinic, situated in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, is a one roof solution for comprehensive eye care. The eye care clinic is known for its technology, doctors team, and infrastructure. It has a modular operation theatre with, AHU and HEPA filters making it ultra-safe and hygienic for domestic and international patients. The uniquely well-equipped eye care unit gets instant high-resolution images for the treatment procedure.

Experienced medical staffs of Global Eye Clinic ensure best patient care and remains committed to delivering best eye care for all. Every patient is given enough chair time with the doctor and counsellor or assistants to make sure proper eye care. The clinic staffs are trained in strong work ethics and maintain patient first attitude. Global Eye Clinic promises to provide best eye care with all abilities, passion and cutting-edge technology.

Treatments and Procedures offer for Lasik Care in Mumbai India at Global Eye Clinic

Lasik Care Treatments at Global Eye Clinic in Mumbai India 

  • Microincision phacoemulsification with foldable IOL for cataract

  • Vitreoretinal surgeries

  • Cataract surgeries

  • Lasik surgeries

  • Glaucoma surgeries

  • Squint surgeries

  • Oculoplasty surgeries for ocular conditions

  • Sutureless corneal transplant

Why Choose Global Eye Clinic of Eye Treatment in Mumbai India?

Why Choose Global Eye Clinic for Eye Treatment in Mumbai India?

  • High quality services with modern equipment and technology
  • Experienced and expert medical team
  • Leading laser technology
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Modular operation theatre with, AHU and HEPA filters


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  • Saloni

    Trust me when I say that Dr. Hardik is really the way out of the blurry world.

    I got my Lasik surgery done at Global Eye Clinic last month and I would highly recommend Dr. Hardik without a second thought.

    I was really sceptical because of all the myths around getting this surgery but he made sure that all my questions were answered with patience and I was comfortable throughout the surgery.

    He talked me through the whole process and conversed with me during the procedure. This really calmed me down and instilled more confidence in the decision to go for it.

    Google Sep 30 2022
  • Dewang

    If someone is looking for any treatment related to eyes, I strongly recommend to visit Global eye clinic. Doctor Hardik Parikh is one of the best eye surgeon in the city and Global eye clinic provides one of the best eye related treatment in the city. I have done my mothers Cataract surgery for both the eyes in Global Eye Clinic and I am very satisfied. Dr Hardik is very calm and gives personalised attention to each and every patient. The staff is also very courteous and OPD and OT both are very clean and hygienic.

    Google Sep 23 2022
  • Ignatius

    I got my LASIK surgery done by Dr. Hardik last month. I highly recommend Global Eye Clinic, if you wish to get rid of refractive error.

    Firstly, I got my corneal topography done to check eligibility for LASIK. Dr Hardik suggested that I would be eligible for LASIK and explained all the procedures and questions regarding the surgery. They offer three types of surgery, Standard LASIK, FEMTO LASIK and Customized FEMTO, all costing differently. I got FEMTO LASIK done as it was approved by my Group Medical Insurance.

    The team handled the smooth Cashless reimbursement process. The surgery was successful and I thank Dr Hardik for not having to be dependent on my spectacles. The post recovery precautions and medication was explained and now I have 6/6 vision.

    Overall, it was a best decision to get my LASIK surgery done from Global Eye Clinic.

    Google Sep 28 2022

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