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2273 Calle 2da Tijuana, BC 22000 Tijuana Baja California, Tijuana, Mexico
Price Range: $20 - $4000
Specialty: Dentistry
Focus Area: Liberty Dental Clinic | Best dentists in Tijuana Mexico | Orthodontic Treatment | Smile Makeover | Dental Implants | Veneers | Bridges | Crowns | Bone Graft | All on 4 | Bonding

Liberty Dental Clinic Profile Overview

Liberty Dental Clinic in Tijuana Mexico

Liberty Dental Clinic, situated in Tijuana, Mexico, provides the latest services in dental technology. It ensures that its patients are made fully conscious of their ongoing condition through a detailed explanation by a professional with the help of visual aids and an expatriated treatment plan. The unit provides comfortable and precise dental treatment with updated vision and equipment.

The expert dental specialists at this clinic aim to ensure patients are satisfied before leaving the clinic. The most interesting thing about this clinic is that it does not require an appointment, and the consultation is also free. The clinic offers complimentary refreshments and Wi-Fi to the patients. The dental staffs of Liberty Dental Clinic are friendly, courteous, and respectful, be it with each other or the patients. All dentists are specialists in their respective fields within dentistry and hold relevant knowledge and experience.

Liberty Dental Clinic in Tijuana Benefits:

Specialize in Various Dental Work

They can perform any major dental work, for example, 28 porcelain crowns, also called caps, which is a complete oral rehabilitation (extreme makeover) in just two appointments (one week or longer apart).

Same-Day Service

As they have their own laboratory, they can complete numerous dental procedures and treatments in just a single day. This also includes same-day dentures.

Free Transportation

For maximum convenience and protection of patients, the clinic provides free transportation from the airport to the clinic. In addition, they also provide transportation from a patient's hotel to the clinic and take them back to their hotel, airport or to any area residence in Tijuana during working hours.

Dental Procedures in Tijuana at Liberty Clinic

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Liberty Dental Clinic, Tijuana, Mexico Profile Details

About Liberty Dental Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico

About Liberty Dental Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico

Liberty Dental Clinic provides patients with quality products of the highest standards and affordable prices. Compared to dental work in the US clinics, patients can save about 50% to 80% at Liberty. The clinic's mission is to see that patients are satisfied before leaving the clinic and provided with the highest standards of care. That is why they provide a written two-year guarantee on most of their work. Their staff is fluent in English and Spanish and guides the patients through every step of the way.
No appointments are necessary! Walk-ins are welcomed. Consultations are free, which include X-rays if needed. We offer complimentary refreshments and WIFI while you wait to be seen.
If you are from out of town or on a limited-time schedule, most dental work and treatments require only two visits (usually within two to three days).
They understand transportation can be difficult, so they have different options (driving/walking) for reaching the clinic. The best option is to drive to our clinic, as they are located very close to the border. A medical pass will be provided to speed your return. Another option is to park your vehicle on the US side, walk across the border, and take a yellow taxi from the Mexican border to the clinic.

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Liberty Dental Clinic Certificates, Accreditations, Qualifications

Dentists in Tijuana Mexico at Liberty Dental Clinic

Board Certified Dentists in Tijuana, Mexico at Liberty Dental Clinic 

The experts at Liberty Dental Clinic are always available to take care of your dental needs. Their two implantologists have advanced courses in their specialty and are part of the GDIA ( Global Dental Implant Academy). The clinic staffs are:

Doctor Name: Dr. Omar Guevara

  • Over 15 years of practicing dentistry

  • Implantologist / Endodontist

  • General Dentistry

Doctor Name: Dr. Jesus Galvan

  • Over 35 years practicing dentistry

  • Implantologist / Endodontist

  • General Dentistry

Doctor Name: Dr. German Gastelum

  • Over 15 practicing dentistry

  • Endodontist / General Dentistry

Doctor Name: Carlos Maldonado

  • Over 20 years a dental technician

  • Dental Technical

Doctor Name: Ricardo Sigala

  • Over 22 years of experience

  • Administrator

Doctor Name: Abelardo Rivas

  • Over 15 years of experience

  • Administrator

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Liberty Dental Clinic Testimonials

Dental Implants in Tijuana Mexico Reviews at Liberty Dental Clinic

Liberty Dental Clinic Tijuana Reviews

LOVE LIBERTY DENTAL CLINIC! I paid ONLY $550 for a root canal, crown and meds! Brittany at the front desk(and the other lady, as well) is friendly, kind, and helpful. Rick, who is the director I believe, is AMAZING! He is attentive and ready to assist in any way he can. He does an extraordinary job managing the flow, with the assistance of the ladies at the front desk. The dental assistants are kind and professional and the doctor performing the root canal had me in and out of the chair in less than an hour while being thorough.  5 Stars!
- Jenny Suzanne Branson
No inflated prices
My son and I are both going here to the states I was quoted $3,400 for one implant that with my insurance. Dr. Ormar saved that tooth fixed several crowns that were about to go and replaced a bridge of 10 teeth total for $4,200. My son had much more work in the states he was quoted $50,000 he's having everything fixed in Mexico for $14,000
- Rick Ludlam
Good experience
We've been going to Liberty Dental for years and have always had a good experience.
- Maricela Rios
No inflated prices
My experience was flawless. Super clean office, overstaffed with polite professional staff. Felt like I was in the state as soon as I walked in. The dentist has 15 years' experience and it shows. No inflated prices. They relaxed me in the chair with appropriate meds. I had 5 root canals and 7 crowns and fillings and some teeth shaping for about 3300. They wanted between 10-12 thousand in the stated for this. I used all top quality materials and my crowns were made and installed 36 hours later. I stayed at the Lucerna hotel and they paid my way back and forth to dentists. The Lucerna is Marriott quality and was 113 a night taxes included. I walked across the border. Hotel, dentist, and border all very close. I have plenty of friends I will hopefully follow my exact way. It was safe, friendly, cheap, and kinda fun. If you have any questions message me on FB I’ll be glad to help. Sincerely, Bryce Doon
- Bryce Doon
High-quality dental work
Fantastic service. And I am completely satisfied with my wisdom tooth extraction. The staff is very professional and friendly, working as a real team and trying to do everything to accommodate patients. They provided me with all medications I needed after my surgery. My gum healed faster than I expected. The office is clean and welcoming. Water, soda, coffee, and cookies are provided for free. They will pay for your taxi in both directions.  I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for high-quality dental work for more than reasonable prices.
- Svetlana Dorofeeva
Extremely practical
My husband and I went there for our dental work a week ago and then returned today for me to get my finished crown. I love the place! Everyone is friendly and very professional. The place is clean- and they tend to all of the details. They arrange your cab and pay your fare to and from the Border once you are on that side. I love my crown and how well it fits. Tanya the hygienist is excellent and Dr. Omar is extremely knowledgeable and capable and solutions-oriented. They don't try to "sell up" they actually look at the situation and are extremely practical. I will go back and highly recommend this place to others!
- Elizabeth Pace Lamson

Tijuana, Mexico Destination Overview

Dental Tourism in Tijuana Mexico

Why Should I Go to Tijuana for Dental Treatment?

The right selection of medical tourism destinations is much important regarding the recovery and healing of the person. Tijuana, Mexico, is one of the best and safest medical tourism destinations that greet you with its scenic beauty and charming climatic conditions.

Mexico is known for its Pacific and Gulf beaches and its diverse landscape of mountains, deserts, and jungles. If you love adventure, Mexico is the perfect medical tourism destination for you. Tijuana is a popular destination in Mexico to visit the magic and heritage of the country.

The culture and sports of the country attract people from all over the world along with the excellent tourism of health and welfare. The climate of Mexico is perfect for quick healing and recovery from any medical procedure. The Heritage Of the country welcomes you to be a part of beautiful landscapes, historical monuments, and exotic city life.

The cost of living in Mexico is relatively lower than in other European countries. You can save up to 80% on healthcare costs and get quality dental treatment in Tijuana at affordable packages.


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Advanced Smiles Dentistry is a comprehensive dental clinic located in the heart of the amazing Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, offering the best prices, qualified doctors, customer service and quality service. The clinic also accepts the major dental insurances. Among the main dental care treatments and procedures offered by Advanced Smiles Dentistry, we can mention: cosmetic dentistry, dental

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TJ Dental Group

Tijuana, Mexico

TJ Dental Group, located in Tijuana, Mexico, is a modern dental clinic offering a wide range of dental treatments and procedures to local and international patients. The clinic was opened by Dr. Hugo Aveytua, a renowned dental specialist in Tijuana. By choosing Dental Group you can avail various dental procedures such as dental implants, dental veneers, orthodontics, maxillofacial surgery and many

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  • Dental Implants from $750
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Trust Dental Care

Trust Dental Care

Tijuana, Mexico

Trust Dental Care is a dental care clinic run by a US-born dentist, Dr. Cirenia Aparicio Miranda. It offers a wide range of dental care services, such as full-mouth dental implants, dental crowns, oral surgery and much more, at affordable prices.

  • Dental Veneers from $449
  • Teeth Whitening from $299
  • Deep Cleaning from $39
  • Dental Fillings from $60
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Dental Solutions is based in Tijuana, Mexico, offering premier dental care services that range from complex cosmetic solutions to basic preventive dental care. We pride ourselves in providing the best Dental Services for Mexico’s Dental Tourism at a fraction of US prices. Our clinic specializes in cosmetic dentistry with the best rates in Tijuana Dentist Mexico.

  • Dental Crowns from $450
  • Dental Veneers from $380
  • Dental Crowns from $450
  • Sinus Lifting from $700
  • Dental Crowns from $180
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