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Caher Dudayev Bulvari Mavibahce AVM. No:40/B Karsiyaka, Izmir, Turkey
Price Range: $45 - $670
Specialty: Dentistry
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New Teeth Profile Overview

New Teeth Clinic, Izmir Turkey

Get a New Smile at A New Teeth, Izmir, Turkey

Are you looking for an aesthetic enhancement of your lovely smile along with healthy teeth and gums? Get simple alterations of your teeth done for pronounced smile makeover at the most comfortable environment at A New Teeth in Izmir, Turkey. Modern dental innovators have made it easy to get a perfect smile by various cosmetic techniques contributing to every single and small enhancement. Dental professionals at A New Teeth fully redesign the smile and give you a complete makeover with best smile solution.

The professional clinical services rendered by A New Teeth make it a unique and most liked dental solution for many. Individual patient care in a friendly and modern set up for the well-being of the patients is truly assured in this dental clinic. Dentists follow latest technologies and use latest dental facilities to provide world class dental care. Equipments used by professionals here are very selective from the newest model of each, dental laser, dental unit, X-ray – panoramic and digital system, tooth whitening, or even hand piece materials etc. The support staff maintain highly standardized sterilization system applied, i.e. autoclave, ultrasonic sterilized system, one-time used most of the equipment.

Treatments and Procedures

Dental Treatments

  • Dental Implant
  • Veneers
  • Zirconium Teeth
  • Porcelain Crowns
  • Composite Filler Teeth
  • Laser Teeth Whiting
  • Root Canals
  • General Anesthesia

Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Smile Aesthetics
  • Ips Emax
  • Laminated Teeth
  • Ceramic Filler
  • Dental Cyst Surgery
  • Flap Operation
  • Gingivectomy
  • Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery

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