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Av. de la Industria 300, torre A Local 02, Punto Central, San Pedro Garza García, N.L., Monterrey,Guadalajara,Ciudad de Mexico 66279, Mexico
Specialty: Hair Transplantation
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Hair Transplant Clinic in Mexico

Welcome to Hair in 1 Day - Hair Transplant Clinic in Mexico


At Hair in 1 Day we are the most highly rated clinic on Trustpilot

in Latin America and we have solved more than 1,000s of cases. 


The 99% of alopecia cases have a solution!!!


At Hair in 1 Day, we are leaders in the FUE Technique. Each follicle is graft one by one according to the growth pattern of your hair. Additionally, we have our own proprietary H1D XtraCare technique, this technique allows us to effectively manipulate follicles in the graft process. This technique makes us unique in the market and allows us to have better results. 


The procedure is divided into 4 stages: Assessment, Design, Extraction and Grafting.


The design is completely personalized and guided by a Hair In 1 Day specialist doctor to achieve aesthetic and 100% natural results. All of our doctors have been trained in design. This step is essential, since with a good design you will achieve an aesthetic and natural result.

We have first-class and innovative equipment. Our procedures are made with sapphire, the most modern and latest technique today.

Working with sapphire allows us to be more precise and have an immediate recovery (from one day to the next), since our grafts are less less traumatic. This means that you can join your usual activities the next day without any risk and with specific care.


Also, it allows a transplant with which you can obtain a higher density and therefore an even more natural result.

We analyze and evaluate a detail of each case in a totally personalized way in order to determine the most recommended treatment depending on the case.

Thanks to the good results, in each of our procedures we are one of the clinics most recommended by our clients. With this we managed to be one of the most reliable clinics in all of Latin America.


We are committed to providing excellent service and quality care to all of our clients. We accompany you before, during and after the capillary injector to resolve and answer any questions that arise.


We have 5 clinics throughout Mexico and Brazil, and in each of them we have a medical team specialized in hair transplantation and they also have special training in follicles.

✅  Parking 

✅  Accessible to disabled people  

✅  Wheelchair accessible toilet 

✅  Access without steps 

✅  Disabled parking 

✅ Patient bathroom 

✅ Wireless access

Clinic services
✅ Text message reminders 

✅  Open weekends

Languages spoken
✅  English 

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  • Mike

    Excellent Service and Service

    Facebook Feb 27 2020
  • David

    Excellent service provided by the Hair in 1 day team of Monterrey. They cleared all my questions up before and after surgery, the service and procedure overall were excellent.

    Facebook Sep 07 2020
  • Roberto

    I am delighted with the results, I did an eyebrow filler transplant, 9 months ago, I had very little and I did not feel comfortable, now it looks super incredible. thank you very much for all your attentions, it was the best decision I could make.

    Facebook Feb 19 2021

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