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Av Guadalupe 6000-20 Plaza Alegra Zapopan Jalisco Mexico, Guadalajara 45037, Mexico
Price Range: $50 - $7600
Specialty: Dentistry
Focus Area: Dental Live | Dentistry | Dental Implants | Pediatric Dentistry | Orthodontics | Smile Makeover | Guadalajara | Mexico

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Dental Live- Complete Smile Speciality for Adults and Children in Guadalajara, Mexico

Dental Live is a top dentistry center in Guadalajara, Mexico. They serve in the most attentive way and give back that smile you always wanted to have. They are specialized in being able to treat everything related to oral health in one place, They serve patients from an early age with the specialty of Pediatric Dentistry to cases for adults related to health and aesthetics in their different specialties. 

The experts of the dental clinic provide smile design treatments with just a few appointments in a very short time. This helps people to get perfect smiles easily. However, they include a comprehensive treatment through a good diagnosis.
Children are given special attention in addition to professional evaluation and diagnosis. The orthodontics section is a specialty that practically deals with the application of brackets or other more innovative devices.
The team of dentists at the clinic comprises specialists in Guadalajara who are experts in the best techniques for various specialties such s dentistry, implantology, rehabilitation, operative procedures and more.
The clinic is always ready to offer emergency dental care. Dental Live is at your side with the appointment system to meet your requests in special and emergency situations. On top of that, you can enjoy the best of clinical advantages, as the clinic is prepared with the latest technology, facilitates the procedures in the whole treatment process of the patients.

Services Provided by Dental Live:

  • RehabilitationBeing aesthetics fundamental, in these cases they focus on returning lost or damaged teeth to the patient.
  • ImplantologyIt is the treatment that replaces an artificial root, which is placed through a procedure that seems more serious or painful than it really is.
  • Pediatric DentistryThe most special attention is the one we give our children, in addition to professionally evaluating and diagnosing so that they have healthy teeth.
  • Maxillary Ortthopedics-One of the treatments that have led to the success of our practice in minors is the application of the practice of maxillary appliances that can accommodate bites.
  • OrthodonticsThis specialty practically deals with the application of braces or other more level devices such as Invisalign.
  • OperativeThey are the most basic but fundamental treatments to maintain good hygiene and oral health.
  • Baby DentistryBeing aesthetics fundamental, in these cases we focus on returning lost or damaged teeth to the patient.
  • Oral SurgeryIn cases where it is necessary to treat the gums for causes of inflammation or infection or to make extractions of the wisdom teeth for various reasons.
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