Dr. Mazen Dayeh - Fertility Center in Dubai UAE

Sharjah Majestic tower corniche road, United Arab Emirates, Dubai,Sharjah, UAE
Price Range: $1000 - $10000
Associated Doctors: Dr. Muhammad Mazen Dayeh
Specialty: Fertility Treatment, Gynecology Treatment, Infertility/IVF
Focus Area: Fertility Center | Dr Mazen Dayeh | In Vitro Fertilization | Fertility Investigations | Endometrial Biopsy | Hysteroscopy | Pelvic Ultrasound | Fertility Treatment | Dubai | UAE


Dr. Mazen Dayeh - Fertility Center in Dubai UAE

Dr. Mazen Dayeh Top Fertility Center in Dubai UAE

Fertility Center of Dr. Mazen Dayeh will provide you with reliable fertility solutions with IVF and Gynecology. With the presence of this Fertility Clinic, of course, it can increase the opportunities for couples who want to have a baby soon. With the skills and experience of Dr. Mazen Dayeh and his team, you will be able to get the best medical services you need.

Advantages of Using Fertility Center in Dubai UAE at Dr. Mazen Dayeh Clinic

There are many benefits that you can find from the Fertility Center of Dr. Mazen Dayeh. This is what makes this clinic very popular among patients, both local patients and foreign patients. Some of these advantages include the following:

  • Best Doctor Always, Answering Patient Questions: Fertility Center of Dr. Mazen Dayeh provides a Team of Specialists who really care about what you need. Don't hesitate to tell me all the problems you are experiencing.
  • Arabic, English, and Russian Language Spoken: No wonder the popularity of the Fertility Center in Dubai UAE is very global, considering that Dr. Mazen Dayeh is ready to serve consultations and discussions with patients using Arabic, English or Russian. Language is no longer a barrier.
  • More than 21 Years of Experience: With more than 21 years of experience, you will be able to experience various conveniences and offers for fertility procedures that you can get from the Fertility Center in Dubai UAE of Dr. Mazen Dayeh.

Cost of Fertility Treatment in Dubai UAE at Dr. Mazen Dayeh Clinic

Fertility Center of Dr. Mazen Dayeh offers you the best price options for IVF/Infertility procedures and a number of other procedures.

IVF Procedures

Price in USD



IVF with Gender Selection


Intrauterine insemination (IUI)


Fertility Treatment



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Fertility Procedures in Dubai UAE at Dr. Mazen Dayeh Clinic

Dr. Mazen Dayeh and his team are able to apply a wide selection of procedures that are suitable for you and your partner. You will likely undergo a series of tests first, before performing some of the procedures below:

Best IVF Doctor in Dubai UAE

Dr. Mazen Dayeh will ensure that you receive the maximum service and procedures with a high success rate. Here is the profile of the Fertility Specialist who will treat you:

Name: Dr. Mohamad Mazen Dayeh MD, PGCert, PhD


  • Reproductive Endocrinologist/Medical Director - First IVF & Day Surgery Center
  • IVF/Infertility - Jumeirah American Clinic
  • IVF /infertility - New Hope IVF
  • Consultant Obs & Gyn/IVF - Philosophy of Life Reproductive Clinic
  • Assistant Professor Obs & Gyn/IVF - University of Aleppo

Education: Saint Petersburg State Medical University - Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility Residency Program

Languages: English, Russian, Arabic

Why Choose Dr. Mazen Dayeh Fertility Center in Dubai UAE?

There are many reasons why the Fertility Center of Dr. Mazen Dayeh is a great choice for anyone looking for a solution to fertility problems. Decades of experience, complete facilities, and the friendliness of the medical staff here will make patients feel an amazing experience. In addition, there are several additional reasons why you are recommended to choose this Fertility Clinic:

  • Amazing Treatment from Start to Finish

Fertility Center of Dr. Mazen Dayeh provides a truly special and best Fertility Treatment from start to finish. All procedures will be explained to you transparently, so you can enjoy the whole process step by step.

  • ·Specialist with Very Good Experience and Professional Skill

By prioritizing professionalism in treating patients, as well as decades of experience in the field, you will be able to get the best procedures with a very high percentage of success.

  • High Quality And Evidence Based Infertility Treatment

Fertility clinic of Dr. Mazen Dayeh ensures you get the #1 quality so whatever you need will be very well met here.

FAQ about Fertility Treatment in Dubai

Below are frequently asked questions about Fertility Center in Dubai UAE. Make this as additional information so that you can prepare everything carefully.

  • Is Fertility Treatment in Dubai safe?

Yes, Dubai is one of the popular destinations to undergo Fertility Treatment, in addition to easy access to this country, various Fertility Clinics provide complete facilities and experienced medical personnel in them.

  • How expensive is fertility treatment?

The cost of Fertility Treatment in Dubai UAE varies depending on the choice of procedure you use. However, you don't need to worry because generally these costs are more affordable than other countries, especially America and Canada.

  • Is Dubai Good for IVF?

Yes, Dubai UAE is a great destination for IVF Treatment. In addition, you also not only undergo treatment, but also can take a vacation with your loved ones in this country.

  • How Much Does IVF cost in Dubai?

If in the United States and Canada, the average IVF Treatment is in the $11,000 - $12,000 price range, then if you undergo IVF Treatment in Dubai UAE, you will be able to pay 50 percent - 70 percent less!

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