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Nationwide Locations Available - Tulsa Office: 1611 S. Utica Ave. #111 Tulsa Oklahoma 74104 USA, Tulsa, United States
Specialty: Alternative Medicine, Sexual Medicine and Treatment
Focus Area: Alternative Medicine in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA | Grey Matters International, Inc | Neuroplasticity

Grey Matters International, Inc. Profile Overview

Gray Matters International, Inc, - Dr. Kevin Fleming

Top Alternative Medicine Doctor in Nationwide Locations, USA

About Dr Kevin Fleming, Grey Matters International, Inc.

Grey Matters International, Inc, specializes in neuroplasticity-enhancing treatments. We introduce to you Dr Kevin Fleming, Top Alternative Medicine Doctor, specializing in neuroscience consulting & technologies for the toughest of medical issues. He is the President and CEO of Grey Matters International, Inc. A Life Changing Solutions Center which has several offices across the country such as Florida, Chicago, New York, and many other cities in USA. We can also serve patients in international locations, including London, Paris, Tokyo, Brussels, Singapore, and other cities in the world.

Grey Matters International operates worldwide and has connections worldwide. Whether your treatment is at a private home, a confined island, a specific institution or somewhere else, we have all recourses needed so that we can reach our client's geographical needs. In addition, many of our patients decide for themselves the place they want as a vacation while getting treatment from our services. Whenever and wherever the location is, we will be there for you. Patients will find it easy to make an appointment, and consult our operational staff 24/7 to get what they want.

Dr Kevin Fleming at Grey Matters International, Inc introduces stunning Neurotechnology and Neuroscience innovations to prompt the brain to heal itself from wherever from wherever the signal interference is.  When non-invasive cues are allowed to be processed by the brain, given that it is a self-organizing system, it will do its re-balancing on its own and many symptoms are alleviated fast and effectively. Of course, this therapy will play a big role in relieving frustration, anxiety, pain, worry, discomfort and others due to chronic health problems, like Cancers, Neurodegenerative Issues/Disorders & Neurology, Addiction, Chronic Diseases, Trauma/Brain Injury, and so on.

We will utilize innovative recovery techniques based upon Neuroplasticity science that addresses all psychologically based problems from a core perspective!

Why Choose Dr Kevin Fleming, Alternative Medicine Doctor in Nationwide Locations, USA

At Grey Matters International, Inc, we will understand each patient's problem carefully and provide the best solution. Here’s why you should choose Dr Kevin Fleming, Alternative Medicine Doctor in Nationwide Locations, USA:

  • We match our technologies and facilitations with the needs of each individual client – including taking it all right to your door or getaway location!
  • We measure/assess the brain’s imbalances exactly and promote a natural balancing of the brain
  • We see a “bridge of thinking” between our many selves, and we leverage a systems-based way to create shifts that minimizes contradictions and compartmentalizing
  • We leverage neuroeconomics and the study of “irrationality” to get real – fast – so your time is not wasted with illusions

Cost of Alternative Medicine Doctor in Nationwide Locations, USA by Dr Kevin Fleming

Alternative Medicine Doctor in Nationwide Locations, USA by Dr Kevin Fleming is ready to provide you with the best service. We are ready to provide services for local and international patients who want a better level of life than before through Neurotechnology and Neuroscience innovations. Get information about the Cost of Alternative Medicine in Nationwide Locations, USA by Dr Kevin Fleming below:

Nationwide Locations

Neuroplasticity services only---remotely


Nationwide Locations


Neuroplasticity services --remotely, with 3 months health coaching with Dr. Fleming


Nationwide Locations

Neuroplasticity services (remotely) + In-person neurotechnology intensive for 3-5 days


Nationwide Locations

Neuroplasticity services (remotely) + In-person neurotechology intensive for 3-5 days, with 3 months follow up health coaching with Dr. Fleming



Nationwide Locations

Concierge services/VIP plan:  all the above, but Dr. Fleming travels to Patient site for the neurotech intensive

TBD Cost

Nationwide Locations

Concierge services/VIP plan:  all the above, but Dr. Fleming travels to Patient site for the neurotech intensive, with 3 months of follow up health coaching services

TBD Cost

NOTE: The benefits to coming to Dr. Fleming (or him going to you) to receive the in-person, face to face work above and beyond what is offered in the remote packages are the following:

  • More potent neurotechnology options above and beyond what is offered in the remote plan
  • More detailed assessment and 'work up" to better tailor/customize the different neurotechnologies to use
  • Increasing probabilities of improving desired change above and beyond what can be done remotely
  • If follow up coaching work is chosen, having upfront in-person time can accelerate rapport, trust for the virtual coaching piece to follow

More Videos about Dr. Kevin Fleming from Grey Matters International, Inc.

Check below for videos representing Dr. Kevin Fleming from Grey Matters International, Inc.:

What's Essential - What's Important

Your Emotions

Your Will

Change On My Terms

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Start your consultation with Alternative Medicine Doctor in Nationwide Locations, USA by Dr. Kevin Fleming and get the best therapy for your life that is better than ever. Please consult any problems you have and Dr. Kevin Fleming will be on hand to give you the best advice! Click the button below to start your consultation right now:

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Grey Matters International, Inc., Tulsa, United States Profile Details

Alternative Medicine Experts in Nationwide Locations, USA – Dr Kevin Fleming

Distance is no longer a barrier. Wherever you are, Dr. Kevin Fleming is ready to reach you. We have a network worldwide. This helps us to connect with national and international patients quickly. All you need to do is make an appointment and determine the right time for you to undergo the best life-changing therapy from Dr. Fleming.

When traditional medical approaches have failed you, Dr. Fleming provides the latest breakthroughs through neuroscience technologies and neuroeconomics. Some of his clients include cabinet members for the King of Jordan, Fortune 100 executives, and NFL players, and has been cited in the New York Times, Fortune Magazine, Newsweek, CNN and many others. Some of his works have even received praise from Harvard Medical and Business Schools.

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Grey Matters International, Inc. Treatments Offered

List of Treatments at Dr Kevin Fleming in Nationwide Locations, USA

Check below for information about list of procedures done by Alternative Medicine Center in Nationwide Locations, USA by Dr Kevin Fleming:

Neuroscience Solutions for Addiction

Neurotechnology treatment used to fix alcoholism, substance abuse, depression, and co-occurring disorders addicitions at its core.

Private Life-Change

A therapy which is suitable for actors, actresses, musicians, and politicians who want to improve their mindset and understanding in facing the challenges that lie ahead. We present solutions in the form of personal coaching and spiritual development so that your life can change your mindset to the next level significantly.

Executive Wellness

Through advanced neurotechnology, we present the best therapy to overcome various mental health problems due to depression, brain disorders, anxiety, and so on.

In addition to the therapies above, there are still many other therapeutic options that you can get at Grey Matters International, Inc, ranging from Private One-Couple-Only RetreatsKeynote Speaking, and many more.

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Grey Matters International, Inc. Certificates, Accreditations, Qualifications

Top Alternative Medicine Specialist in Nationwide Locations, USA by Dr Kevin Fleming

Grey Matters International specializes in neuroplasticity-enhancing treatments

Doctor Name: Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D.

Specializations and Experiences:

  • President and CEO of Grey Matters International, Inc.
  • Recognized and collaborated with Deepak Chopra, Dupree Miller (literary agency for Dr. Phil and Joel Osteen)
  • Recognized and collaborated with the NFL, Eric Clapton’s “Crossroads Antigua” Treatment Center and Sierra Tucson Treatment Center
  • White House Cabinet Members
  • Active Member of the World Business Academy, Institute for Executive Development
  • Active Member of the American Society of Training & Development
  • Author of The Half-Truth High: Breaking the Illusions of the Most Powerful Drug in Life & Business

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Grey Matters International, Inc. Testimonials

Alternative Medicine in Nationwide Locations, USA by Dr Kevin Fleming – Patient Testimonials

Check below for information about our patients testimonials at Grey Matters International, Inc:

Joe S. – Tulsa, OK

“For the majority of my life I had been depressed, & anxiety ridden with little enjoyment in the present moment. I was always waiting for the next bad thing to happen despite positive events in my life. Feeling the excessive weight of life was a common place in my world. Kevin’s neuroscience-based interventional model did in a week what 20 years of therapy hadn’t accomplished. The 800 pound gorilla in the corner finally left the room!”

“I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Dr. Fleming and can recommend him without reservation. The treatments Dr. Fleming provides help to truly ground my thinking and get to logical based, non-emotionally reactive ways of living. After a long period of extreme stress and trauma I was led to very broken thinking and behavior and the accompanied spiraling out of control acting out that typically follows.”

Ricky Schultz – CEO, Dallas, TX

“I finally found Dr. Fleming and started with his advising and neurotechnology solutions, for I was unable to make wise, grounded decisions and had a difficult time dealing with anything at the point I met him. I found his ideologies, style and directness to be very fact-based and solid—-something I didn’t experience much with traditional counselors, as they did little to nothing as far as real help and change. I needed a total reset and Dr. Fleming helped me to this.”

“Although “life goes on” and I must still deal with extreme stress and manipulations around me, I find myself after working with him and methods walking through this difficulty in ways I would have not thought possible before meeting him.”

“I recommend Dr. Fleming wholeheartedly as I have seen a exponential ability to start to deal with my current issues and address them making wise choices and having reserve to deal with my extremely high stress situations, and to start to bringing true resolve. In the midst of my stress and abusive situations around me, I still can find peace and think much more clearly and help bring resolve.”

“It has been an absolute, true transformation and I would recommend him to anyone seeking real help! If I do need a tune up down the road, I will return to Kevin as needed as he and his resources are invaluable to me.”

Milan – CEO, San Diego, CA

“Before I went to Dr. Kevin Fleming I was feeling burnt out on work, feeling down, not hopeful of the future and feeling very depressed. I flew out and spent 4 days with him. From what I can say is it has transformed the way I see things to being very optimistic, energetic and hopeful of a bright future. I am sleeping better, I have dropped quiet a bit of weight and I feel like I did 15 years ago at the age of 25. Its pretty amazing what his work has done for me mentally. Even my family even sees the joy I am feeling again and the gratefulness.”

“I would definitely recommend this treatment for burnt out CEO’s and business owners ….it’s life changing.”

Bill Bartmann – National Entrepreneur of the Year

“Grey Matters International, Inc provides a well-needed service in the sometimes trite and overly-motivation-based self and organizational development market. If you are seeking true behavior change solutions that last, Dr. Fleming’s thinking and tools are the way to go…”

Layton – Tulsa, OK

“I just wanna acknowledge the effects of my sessions with doc, I am a recovering meth addict. I shot meth for over 20 years. I’ve done things, been through things that I have night terrors. I had around 18 months clean when I did my sessions and the results are nothing short of a miracle. I sleep better than I have in 20 years, I don’t remember my dreams, and the most amazing difference is I have been through some stressful difficult things since my sessions and haven’t had an urge, craving, or honestly much thought of using. I believe this will change lives because it has mine”

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Grey Matters International, Inc. Awards & Recognitions

Awards Received by Dr Kevin Fleming, Grey Matters International, Inc.






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