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Erzene Mah. 61. Sokak. No:23-25A Bornova / Izmir, Izmir, Turkey
Specialty: Dentistry
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Dental Clinics in Izmir, Turkey by Dent Nova

Dent Nova Dental Clinic provides best Dental Clinics in Izmir, Turkey. Book online now Dental Implant, Dental Veneer, and Dental Crown at Dent Nova. We are ready to serve with the new generation, digital dentistry. We are waiting for you in our clinic to be treated with our dentists who are experts in the field of aesthetic dentistry and implant surgery at affordable prices. Awesome Dental Implants in Izmir Turkey by Dent Nova will give you best service you need.

Dent Nova Bornova Dental Clinic; With its experienced doctor staff, dentists, high level medical innovation, completely prepared conclusion and treatment units, it presents the updated dentistry treatments to its patients, sticking to moral standards and values, in a method for addressing all the requirements of its visitors centered around persistent safety.

We apply our Dental Treatments, such as Dental Implants in Izmir Turkey, in accordance with moral standards; our need is generally to continue in the best manner. We work for your satisfaction with our quality materials and best in class equipments. Sticking to the rule of honesty, we show transparency by offering you all treatment options. We foster ourselves for you with modern preparation and carry world-class level treatments to our clinic.

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Advantages of Dent Nova Clinics in Izmir, Turkey

Check below several advantages you can find for selecting Best Dental Clinic in Izmir, Turkey by Dent Nova Dental Clinic:

  • Using top quality materials and state-of-the-art devices
  • Offering all dental treatment options by best dentist in Izmir Turkey
  • High-level treatments with affordable cost
  • 20+ Years of Physician Experience and 1350+ Happy Patient
  • 24/7 Online Consultation

List of Treatments at Dent Nova Dental Clinic in Izmir, Turkey

Here you can find list of procedures available at Dental Clinics in Izmir, Turkey by Dent Nova:

Dental Implant

Dental Implants in Izmir Turkey by Dent Nova can be characterized as the supplanting of missing teeth with implant innovation. An implant tooth is a counterfeit tooth root, generally as a screw, put in the jaw. Since the jawbone sees titanium as a piece of the body, implants are generally made of titanium.


In the Orthodontics section; Treatment applications connected with the correction of screwy teeth and the elimination of in-congruencies in the teeth, jaw and face are done. Remedying the scrawniness of the teeth gives a significant tasteful increase, yet in addition contributes to oral and dental wellbeing.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Applied by best dentist in Izmir Turkey, it is a treatment to design the most delightful smile that consolidates function, feel and effortlessness, considering your personal wishes. It is usually accomplished by applying at least one cycle together, for example, brightening, porcelain cover facade, and implant.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening; an interaction gives brightening of teeth and reduction of variety changes. Since it essentially changes the presence of the teeth, it is one of the most utilized stylish procedures today and is applied by most dental specialists.

Zirconium Crown

Zirconium Dental Crowns are produced using zirconium dioxide, a white powdered earthenware material. Clay properties and the truth of the matter is processed from a solitary square make it a strong dental prosthetic. In fact, its solidarity allows for far more slender dental crowns than those made with metals.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal treatment is fundamentally done with the goal that a tooth can continue to function again because of unreasonable rot or infection. Root Canal treatment, the nerve and mash of the rotted or contaminated tooth are most certainly eliminated. The rotted piece of the tooth is cleaned and filled once more. Root Canal treatment is a vital operation performed by dental specialists.

Laminate Veneer

Laminate Veneer is a kind of facade that is veneered with the most un-recording on the tooth. This is kind of covering, which requires handling in a slim layer on a strong tooth.

Cost of Dental Care in Izmir, Turkey by Dent Nova

Dental Clinics in Izmir, Turkey by Dent Nova offers you the best services at affordable prices. It's time for you to return the beautiful smile and the best quality teeth you need. Get affordable Cost of Dental Treatments in Izmir, Turkey by Dent Nova Dental Clinic now by contacting the Customer Representative.

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Best Dentist in Izmir Turkey by Dent Nova Dental Clinic

Here you can get information about best Dentists in Izmir, Turkey by Dent Nova Dental Clinic:

Doctor Name: Dt. Melisa Mete

Experiences and Specializations:

  • Graduated from Bornova Anatolian High School in 2011
  • Graduated from Ege University Faculty of Dentistry in 2016
  • Establishing Dent Nova Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic in Bornova in 2021.

Doctor Name: Dt. Esra Sabanci

Experiences and Specializations:

  • Graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at Izmir Katip Celebi University in 2021
  • Joined Dent Nova Dental Clinic in 2022
  • Specialists in root canal treatment and filling operations.

Start Your Consultation with Best Dentist in Izmir Turkey at Dent Nova

Dental Clinics in Izmir, Turkey by Dent Nova is ready to provide you with the best services at friendly prices. You can get detailed treatment from experienced specialists and they will always prioritize your satisfaction and comfort, including Dental Implants in Izmir Turkey and other treatments. For more information about Dental Packages or if you have further questions, please click the button below:

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  • Umit O

    They are very meticulous in their smiling, clean and reliable work, I would like to thank especially Ms. Melisa, she treated even a dentist like me very comfortably, thank you for your hard work.

    Dent Nova Dental Clinic Dec 23 2021
  • Esef C

    It has been an experience that resulted in a satisfactory treatment that continues with close attention and warm welcome. For me, it is a place that I can recommend to everyone around me with peace of mind. Special thanks to my dentist Ms. Sibel.

    Dent Nova Dental Clinic Jan 13 2022
  • Alaattin K

    I've had trouble with my teeth for years. I went with the recommendation of a physician friend of mine and I was very satisfied. I would especially like to thank Ms. Melisa for her interest, relevance and smiling face. Friendly and high-level service in an immaculate environment.

    Dent Nova Dental Clinic Mar 30 2022

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