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Rua Benedito Araújo, 125 • Centro • São João da Boa Vista - SP , Sao Paulo, Brazil
Specialty: Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, Dentistry, Fertility Treatment
Focus Area: FaceLift |Eyelid Surgery| Mamoplasty|Male Breast Reduction|Odontopediatrics|In vitro fertilization|Intracytoplasmic sperm injection | São Paulo | Brazil

Medical Sense Group Profile Overview

Be sure that we will give you the same treatment as we would give to ourselves.

Medical Sense Group is a specialized company in management of customer services in the health business, so that you have more efficacy and agility in the process.

Besides, being in a place replete of natural wealth and that trifle away tranquillity, seems to be the best option to start a new phase in your life.

We still count with a very favorable dollar rate exchange, allowing us to offer this services in much lower costs.

Who we are?
Medical Sense Group is set with the best professionals in the management of customer service, with many years of experience in Brazil and abroad, knowing exactly how to take care of you.

Medical Sense Group offers :

  • Individualized attention
  • Directing the case to the health providers
  • A guide/interpreter according to your needs
  • Safe and comfortable transport to all your needs

Medical Treatments We Offer:

  • Plastic Surgery
  • Densistry Surgery
  • Fertility Treatment

We direct our services to Brazilian and foreign clients, helping the doctors to concentrate only in their specialties.

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Medical Sense Group Treatments Offered

Our Services 
Medical Sense Group offers :

  • Individualized attendiment
  • Directing the case to the health providers
  • A guide/interpreter according to your needs
  • Safe and confortable transport to all your needs
  • Bookings and accompanying for appointments and exams
  • Hospital or clinic booking
  • Hotels reservations and airport transfer
  • Excellent hospitality and activity to the patient and the companion
  • Tour options and leisure script
  • Elaboration of the total estimate

Plastic Surgery

Face Lift
The point of this procedure is to improve the most visible signs of ageing of face and neck

Eyelid Surgery
This procedure removes loose skin, surplus fatty tissue that is accumulated under the upper and lower eyelid.

Nose  re-shape
The size, shape and lenght of the nose can be altered to the re-shaping of the cartilage, bone and sometimes the soft tissues of the nose.

It involves removing skin and re-shaping cartilage from behind the ears.

Neck lift
This procedure is indicated to patients with flaccidity and fatty tissues below chin to improve the face’s shape.

Consist in breast augmentation, breast reduction or reconstruction, flaccidity correction and assimetry.

Male Breast Reduction
This procedure is used to reduce increased male’s breast, which is a result of hormonal abnormality.

Arm’s Cosmetic Surgery
This procedure is indicated for women who have skins arm flaccidity, removing the skins excess and fatty tissues from the area.

Thight (Crural Lifting)
It is used when patients have skins flaccidity on the thight ’s internal face.

It is the use of liposuction to re-shape the body, removing fatty tissues from some places and carrying out to other areas.

Dentistry Procedures

Orthognathic Surgery / Buccal Maxillary Surgery
Orthognathic Surgery is the one that corrects deformities of the facial skeleton, by taking into account the aesthetical and functional aspect of the teeth and face.

It is the brightening of the teeth through the removal of the spots and pigments.

The point of this procedure is to improve the shape of the face in patients that have the chin in a forward or backward position, short or long.

Day Clinic
Treatment performed in a single day, depending on the patient’s scheduling, decreasing the number of times for going to the dental office. This system makes possible and easy to provide service for the patients from other cities, states and countries.

This specialty has the function of restoring the tooth.

Specialty that cares for the cleaning, treatment of the internal part of the root (root canal) and of the external supporting of the tooth.

Dental treatment with the purpose of improving the physical appearance, whether because of tabbed teeth, darkened teeth, teeth with cavities or worn, disharmony or interval between the teeth, and others.

It is the replacement of one tooth with a titanium screw, which has the purpose of fixing a tooth.

Specialty that cares for the buccal health of children, adolescents and pregnant women.

Specialty that corrects the position of the teeth and maxillary bones by means of orthodontic appliances.

Specialty that cares for the gums, as well as the ligaments and bones surrounding the teeth.

Replacement of the teeth lost, giving back to the mouth both aesthetics and function


In vitro fertilization
It consists the process of make it possible for the oocyte and the sperm to join outside of the female body.

It is used in cases of endometriosis, immunological disorders, males deficiencies and unknown factors.

Thanks to this technique, couples with low chances of achieving natural pregnancy, may raise from 20% up to 30% of fertilization probability in each attempt.

As the chances of success are cumulative, the treatment consists in 4 successive attempts, and the positive result can achieve more than 70%.

The most important factors for a well succeed pregnancy are :

  • Woman’s age;
  • Oocyte’s quality;
  • Spermatozoids quality;
  • Number of embryos for transfer

The regnancies achieved thanks to assisted fertilization are not absolutely different from the natural one.

Thousands of couples have been benefited by these techniques and today can show proudly their children.

Even beeing a low risk procedure , we must take into account that we can have some complications, such as multiple pregnancies, ectopic pregnancies, spontaneous abortion and complications associated with the punction..

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection
This microsurgical treatment is used when the sperm is too few or when they are too weak.

To penetrate the oocyte by their own means. 

This technique is the same as the former one, except for one thing : whereas in later procedure the sperm is placed in a laboratory container allowing the sperms to penetrate the oocyte by their own means,  ICSI  consists  in  injecting  a  sperm  directly  inside   each oocyte and leaving them in a laboratory container for the fertilization to complete its process.

This procedure is used also when there is an obstruction in the Fallopian tube, in males deficiencies, immunological disorders and more..

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We have a team of well qualified and experienced surgeons.

Sao Paulo, Brazil Destination Overview

Brazil has become a huge international reference center in esthetic and dentistry areas, for its excellent quality, being more and more looking for this kind of procedures.