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Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt

36, Sheraton Road, 1st Floor

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We offer the total dental tourism solution allowing you to combine a perfect vacation with top quality dental treatment and care. Compared to prices for equivalent treatment in Hurghada, cosmetic dentistry in many of the European and American countries is very costly - here at PrimaDent Dental Clinic we offer very affordable dental treatment in a perfect vacation location.

Protecting you is a priority to us. At primadent, we pay particular attention to general cleanliness, disinfection and sterilization. We thus want you to understand the different ways we ensure your safety.

we offer wide range of dental treatments such as:

  • Endodontic Dentistry
  • Aesthetic Dentistry
  • Dental Implants
  • Oral Surgery
  • Periodontal Dentistry
  • and a lot more.....

Our clinic was established by a group of dental specialists with the common aim of providing professional dental treatments and individualized patient care.

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Primadent was established in hurghada in 2005, after running successfully a dental center in Cairo for 30 years. Hurghada is a perfect spot for primadent dental center objective to achieve dental tourism as the weather is nice all year long attracting tourists all over the year. Our clinic has been set up in a friendly, modern and clean setting for the comfort and well-being of our patients.

Our objective is to offer the total dental tourism solution allowing you to combine a perfect vacation with top quality dental treatment and care. Compared to prices for equivalent treatment in hurghada, cosmetic dentistry in many of the European and American countries is very costly - here at primadent Dental Clinic we offer very affordable dental treatment in a perfect vacation location.

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Dental diagnoses & GP
Our dental clinic does the full range of general dentistry. The main streams under general practice include:

  • Oral Examination
  • Scaling and Polishing
  • Fillings 

The diagnosis is the most important part in modern dentistry in order to ensure the best and a suitable treatment plan. 
Our modern equipments and techniques support us in the role of diagnosising dental diseases as well as providing the best possible quality dental care. 
The panoramic x-rays are used to assist systemic diagnoses and treatment plans. The tomogram (x-sectional film) is used to measure the bone quantity before planting dental implants, while the pulp vitality tester is utilized for testing the vitality of the teeth.
The Root Apex locator aids our endodontist in defining the length of the teeth during root canal treatments. 
Scaling and polishing
Tooth scaling

Scaling may be defined as a process to remove calculus (tartar), soft deposits (plaque) and stains from the teeth. Calculus removal is part of each specialized tooth cleaning. 
Tooth Polishing

Tooth polishing removes plaque or stains remaining on the teeth after careful scaling. The reason of polishing tooth surfaces is to make these surfaces smooth which make it more difficult for plaque and debris to accumulate on your teeth to cause decay or gum disease. Dental polishing is only done after completing the clinical exam if there is no presence of gum disease.
Tooth polishing is not a procedure that cleans infected, diseased gum tissue and root surfaces. This is only an exterior cleaning and will not eliminate disease or get it under control. However it is a protective procedure and is a first-line defense against terrible dental problems.

  • Dental Fillings
  • Traditional Amalgam Fillings

Most of us have had amalgam fillings (silver) or gold filling restorations. Some amalgam fillings were what we have called mercury fillings, as some amalgam fillings contained mercury. Metal fillings were efficient, but very noticeable and tended to blacken in color over time. Their safety has been in question for a number of years due to concerns over the absorption of elemental mercury contributing to several diseases, including Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, dementia and arthritis.
Composite Resin Tooth-Colored Fillings
Composite resin dental fillings were created as a substitute to traditional metal dental fillings. Tooth fillings colored to look like a natural tooth are known as Composite Resin Dental Fillings, are made of a plastic dental resin. There are no known health risks of receiving composite fillings. Composite Resin Dental Fillings are strong, long-lasting, and make for a very natural looking smile. Composite resins is used as a tooth bonding procedure, the resin will strengthen and improve the natural tooth structure as it does with use as a dental filling. 
Mercury Filling Replacement with Composite Resin Fillings
Mercury fillings or amalgam fillings can easily be removed and replaced with far more attractive colored fillings.

Endodontic dentistry
Of all dental treatments, root canal therapy is a nightmare of any patient. This is because of the pain it causes, time it consumes and number of visits required to complete the treatment. 
However, one of our main concerns was to be updated with the latest technologies, tools and techniques in the field of endodontic therapy through which single visit treatments have become possible which adds to our patients` comfort and ease. 
In addition, by importing and sharing experience from all around the world, we have changed the concept of root canal treatment in Egypt by ensuring a completely painless procedure. 
Both pain and worry during visits have become history and postoperative discomfort is kept to the minimum. 
Aesthetics Dentistry
The field of Aesthetics dentistry is undergoing remarkable changes and it’s our job to integrate the best techniques and skills into our practice to fulfill our patients` demands.
Using the best of quality materials, our highly skilled dentists provide you with esthetic restorations that you can hardly differentiate from your natural teeth. These include laser teeth whitening, composite restorations, porcelain crowns, hi-Ceram, inlays, on lays, and porcelain laminate veneers.
Benefits of laser Tooth Whitening

  • Corrects brown, yellow and mottled tooth staining
  • Works on people of all ages
  • Improves a "dull" smile, restoring brightness and bringing a smile alive
  • Fast and gentle whitening system. The laser whitening treatment is completed within one visit in about one hour
  • More efficient laser energy allows for faster treatment time and less post-procedure sensitivity compared to other in-office whitening treatments
  • No need to wear the tray over night as used in at-home whitening systems
  • Accredited by FDA and CE 

Oral Surgery
Oral Surgery basically involves any dental surgerical treatments. Dental consultation, proper diagnoses and treatment plan with our dental specialists will first be required before oral surgery takes place. 
At primadent, we have revolutionized the idea of oral surgery. Our highly skilled surgeons make use of our up to date equipment to maximize your comfort during and after surgery. 
In our clinic, oral surgery includes tooth extraction, wisdom tooth extraction, bone grafts and orthognathic surgery. 
Dental Implants
The dental sciences are undergoing massive changes, and the field of implant dentistry is at the head of that transformation. 
With today's advancements in dental implant and bone grafting techniques, materials and technologies, almost anyone with missing teeth can now have dental implant treatments done. Conventional implants techniques have had good long-standing success rates. 
In our clinic dental implants include: 

  • Conventional implants
  • Single implants
  • Full arch implant bridge 

Why primadent dental center for dental implants?

  • All our implantologists are experienced accredited graduates from overseas
  • All our dental implants cases are looked after only by professional dental specialists specializing in implantology
  • Our clinic and team of dental specialists keeps an open frank policy whereby we do take the time in educating patients on their options
  • A holistic approach is taken to ensure that our patients are correctly and efficiently treated
    primadent is a leading dental implant center in hurghada whereby our team of have treated a large number of major full mouth cases
  • All our treatments plans and services, our team takes into considerations the patients' long-term prognosis 

Periodontal Dentistry
Periodontists are the dental specialists who treat gum disease. Periodontists are able to provide a simple surgical solution that is done in the office with only a simple local anesthetic. 
Normally, this minimally-invasive surgery does not hurt when it is being done and usually does not cause pain after the anesthetic has worn off. 
The range of treatments in periodontics is:

  • Scaling and root planning
  • Aesthetic and Gingivectomy
  • Esthetic Periodontal Crown-Lengthening Surgery and Bone graft 

Gingivitis and Periodontitis
The term "periodontal disease" or "gum disease" in its strictest sense refers to both gingivitis and periodontitis. 
Gingivitis is and inflammatory condition of the gingiva. Gingivitis is modified by several factors such as smoking, certain drugs and hormonal changes that occur in puberty and pregnancy. 
Periodontitis follows gingivitis and is also influenced by the individual's immune and inflammatory response. It starts by microbial plaque. Periodontitis involves the destruction of the supporting structure of the teeth. Clearly, periodontitis is the most significant of these diseases because it causes tooth loss, mouth odor or bad breath or halitosis.
Oral reasons for mouth odor may include gum disease, broken down teeth and decay, prosthetic devices that are ill-fitting or that cause food accumulation in hard-to-clean areas and even smoking. 
Our periodontists and oral surgeons share their knowledge and expertise to make use of the so called plastic periodontal surgery using bone and other types of grafting materials to regain your natural smile. 
Prosthodontic Dentistry
Prosthodontic Dentistry, or Prosthetic Dentistry, is concerned with treating missing teeth or treating existing teeth that have significant damage. There are different ways to replace missing teeth, such as bridges or partial dentures. Bridges and Dentures may be fixed or removable.
Our dental center provides the full range of dental treatments services for bridges/crowns, complete or partial dentures and dental implants. Due to the major advancements in the field of dental ceramics, we are able to make a crown that is totally natural in shape and color, and which you will hardly differentiate from your own teeth.
Benefits of Prosthetics
The benefits of fixing missing teeth using dentures and bridges include:

  • Prevents existing teeth from drifting into surrounding space of the missing teeth
  • Teeth out of position can harm tissues in the mouth
  • The difficulty of thorough cleaning between corrupt teeth runs the risk of tooth decay and
  • periodontal (gum) disease that can lead to the loss of additional teeth.
  • Improves out your smile
  • Helps to properly chew food
  • May improve speech
  • Prevent a sagging face by providing support for lips and cheeks 

Pedodontic Dentistry
A wide range of dental treatments are applicable in Pedondontics.
Some examples include dental education, monitoring of the dental eruption, child dietary consultation, fluoride treatment, filling of deciduous teeth, sealant of the permanent teeth, space maintainer, space regainer, root canal treatment, stainless steel crown of the deciduous teeth and routine dental check up.

Orthodontic Dentistry
Orthodontists specialize in tooth alignment and focus on the diagnosis as well as the treatment of dental and associated facial irregularities. Their work consists of treating different conditions such as tooth crowding, overbites, under bites and gaps between teeth. They use corrective appliances such as retainers and braces to treat these problems.

The results of orthodontic treatment can be remarkable - beautiful smiles, improved dental health and an improved quality of life for many people of all ages. Treatment typically lasts from 6 to 30 months, depending on age, and the severity of the orthodontic problem.

Outstanding results are also dependent on maximizing the coordination of care between you and our practice.

The types of braces we have at our clinic include:

  • Clear & metal braces
  • Lingual braces 

Protecting you is a priority to us. At primadent, we pay particular attention to general cleanliness, disinfection and sterilization. We thus want you to understand the different ways we ensure your safety.
Below are some ways that protect you:

  • Use of disposables, when possible
  • Thorough cleaning and/or sterilization of all instruments
  • Surface disinfection of contaminated surfaces
  • Selection of equipments designed to prevent contamination and for sterilization
  • Care and maintenance of dental units
  • Hand washing to reduce bacteria between each patient encounter
  • Gloves and masks to prevent direct contamination as well as cross-infection
  • Protective eyewear or cover
  • Approved disposal methods for contaminated waste
  • Using autoclave sterilizer 

Each and every patient undergoes treatment with the most sterile environment possible. The photo shown here demonstrates primadent's assurance to patient safety. A plentiful supply of sterilized hand pieces is always available... guaranteeing that no two patients are treated with the same hand piece.  
The dental chairs are completely seamless, thereby preventing any accumulation of any conceivable foreign material that could suggest a sterilization problem. Disposable slip covers are used on critical areas of the dental chair which are changed for each patient.  

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Dr. Ahmed Ali Hassan

  • Graduated from faculty of dentistry, Cairo University, 2002
  • Achieved aesthetic dentistry diploma in 2006
  • Achieved postgraduate studies in implants from Newyork University 2007 

Oral surgery and medicine



Dr. Ali Hassan

  • Diploma in oral surgery, Cairo University 1974
  • Achieved a diploma in advanced technique in bone augmentation, immediate implantation and immediate loading of implants (Advanced Education Center, KRAICHTAL, Germany) 15/4/2000
  • Prosthodontic dentistry consultant 

Oral surgery and medicine


Dr. Fouad A.El – Sharaby 

  • BDS, MSc (Cairo University – Egypt )
  • Diploma of membership in Orthodontics ( The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh-UK )  


Dr. Mamdouh Ahmed 

  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon-B.D.S, M.D.S, D.D.S
  • Lecturer, Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University
  • Consultant in Oral Implantology-Postgraduate study, Germany  


Dr. Haytham Askar 

  • BDS, MSC dental material, Cairo University
  • Endodontic dentistry specialist  

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Bettina Wuerl  10/28/2008 
Hallo Team, eine tolle Internetseite ist entstanden. Bin so glücklich das ich einen Zahnarzte gefunden habe, der auf Erhalt der Zähne aus ist (im Gegensatz zu Deutschland). Das muss man erstmal finden, denn in der heutigen Zeit wird auf Profit geschaut 


Josef Blumenschein  11/4/2008 
Hallo Zahnarztteam, ich war bei Dr. Ahmed in Behandlung und mehr als zufrieden, der Service und das Preis-Leistungsverhaeltnis ist absolut spitze. Bis bald, Josef 



nina  11/16/2008 
Auch ich reihe mich ein die die Liste der zufriedenen Patienten. Freundlich, sehr kompetent und passend fuer jeden Geldbeutel. Ich habe keine Zahnsorgen mehr und falls doch, es gibt Dr. Ahmed 



Ramona  11/17/2008 
Ich bin ein richtiger Angstpatient und habe es endlich gewagt, zum Zahnarzt zu gehen. Es werden noch etliche Behandlungen auf mich zukommen, aber ich fuehle mich super aufgehoben und kann den Zahnarzt zu weiterempfehlen. Nett und kompetent und vor allem s 


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Hurghada was at one time just a simple fishing village. But now, with its crystal clear water, untouched reefs and a huge number of ship wrecks, it has become one of the best Egyptian tourist destinations.
The small town centre with its bazaars, mosques and lively atmosphere reflects typical Egyptian life. Further inland lie the Desert Mountains, ideal for desert tours. Most of all Hurghada offers sunshine and relaxation, all you could want for your vacation.

With more than 20 km of hotels along the beach, Hurghada can please the needs of every visitor, from scuba diving to windsurfing to desert safaris.  
One can choose from the finest 5 Star Hotels to simple Guest Houses, and everything in-between. Hurghada is world renowned as a center for some of the world's best Diving. Within a couple of hours from your hotel you can be amongst a group of islands that are the home to Dive Sites guaranteed to amaze even the most experienced divers.  

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