Cosmetic Dental Treatment in Novi Sad, Serbia

Augusta Cesarca 18 Novi Sad (Olymp zgrada) Apartman 311, sprat 3, Novi Sad, Serbia
Specialty: Dentistry
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STOMATOLO Profile Overview

Dentistry practice "Mirković" has been providing services since 2007. It is situated near downtown Novi Sad, in a modern commerce building facing the most well-known boulevard in the city. The work is performed in a pleasant atmosphere, atypical to other dental offices, with the goal of offering the patient a solution to every need in one place. Along with our two resident doctors of dentistry, we also co-operate with orthodontic specialists.

By organizing work in this manner, the patient receives a full diagnosis, a detailed and all-inclusive therapy plan, as well as the implementation of the therapy in the shortest time.

We guarantee for the quality of our work.

From the very beginning we want that a patient feels comfortable, without "fear from a dentist". All the procedures are done under anesthesia, with a prior explanation to the patient. Every patient is approached in a unique way/Every patient is approached individually. We are well informed and implement the latest achievements in the field of dentistry and use the most modern material, instruments and equipment. Our staff is continually trained in the country and abroad. Work is organized in such a way that there is no waiting. In the case of urgency we are available over the weekends and holidays.

Dental Tourism
Would you like to fix your teeth for reduced price (even 70%), but at the same time spend your holiday in a beautiful European city on the Danube - Novi Sad? This the opportunity for you. Dental material and the service is according to European standards.

Come to Novi Sad and go back with healthy and perfect smile. Before you arrive we will help you to book a private or hotel accommodation in our city, with a possibility of visit interesting places in our surroundings. Previous planning and agreements on the date of therapy are needed. We can also provide organized transport from and to the airport.

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