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Specialty: Anti Aging, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, Dentistry, Fertility Treatment, General Surgery, Gynecology Treatment, Heart Care/Surgery, Organ Transplant, Orthopedic/Knee Surgery, Skin Care, Spine Care/Surgery, Vascular Surgery
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Istiklal Hospital Profile Overview

Istiklal Hospital is a comprehensive hospital established to meet patient needs with our specialized medical services.
Over the past two decades, Jordan has accomplished great achievements and has reached an advanced level within the medical field and basic health care. These successes have helped Jordan become a resourceful treatment attraction for citizens of various Arabic countries. Istiklal Hospital has evidently been one of the great achievements of the country, due to the faithful and national spirit, and the wide economic vision of ALBLAD company which was founded on 26/11 /1996. The company was able to provide quality services in the field of diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive medical devices through its first project "Istiklal Hospital".

Istiklal Hospital is a medical monument, and was opened under the patronage of His Majesty on the anniversary of Independence Day of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on 25/5/2001. The hospital was built with a beautiful architectural style on ISTIKLAL street in the heart of the capital Amman and near ALDAKHLIA circle in order to reflect Jordan's medical message through its highly qualified medical, nursing and administrative staff. The hospital staff contributed to the attraction of medical tourism to the kingdom, hand in hand with the hospital's luxurious hotel services that are equipped with the latest computerized equipments.

The vision of Istiklal Hospital is to become a leading exemplary hospital, locally, regionally and globally, in providing the latest, integrated and most distinguished medical services that depend on the latest techniques and medical expertise that serves the aim of keeping the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan at the forefront amongst regional the countries in the medical field.

Istiklal hospital is considered the first project for ABMS in which it was inaugurated on the occasion of the kingdoms yearly independent day celebration On May 25, 2001.

The hospital includes more than 15 medical specialties and is considered one of the important private hospitals in Jordan. The hospital also encompasses sophisticated medical equipment for all specialties from major medical equipment manufactures along with highly qualified medical, nursing and administrative human resources that provide high quality services according to international standards of quality and patient safety in health services.

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Istiklal Hospital, , Jordan Profile Details

ALBELAD Medical Services:
ALBELAD Medical Services Company was established on Nov 26th, 1996 and was registered at the Ministry of Industry and Trade under No. (323) as a shareholding public limited company with a capital of ten million & six hundred thousands Jordanian Dinars/ shares.

The company headquarter is located at Istikal Hospital in Amman- the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
The company's first project (Istiklal Hospital) was successfully established and opened under a Royal patronage on the occasion of the Istiklal (Independence) day of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan May 25th, 2001.

A description of the company's main activities:

  • The company's main activity is providing varied medical services throughout Istiklal Hospital, which has become a major center among private hospitals in Jordan and is one of the main hospitals in Amman.

The company goals and objectives: 

  • Investment in medical and commercial agencies.
  • Purchase and sale of medical devices.
  • Engaging in bids in compliance with the goals and objectives of the company .
  • Investment in new companies.

Our mission :
To provide medical services locally and regionally at a reasonable cost by relying on the latest techniques and the best medical expertise that would keep Jordan in the forefront among regional countries in the medical field.

Our policy :
To respond to the needs of our clients in order to reach the desired results with the least cost and with no hazards.

Our vision :
To become a leading exemplary hospital, locally and regionally, in providing outstanding integrated medical services.

Our values :
Commitment, trust, justice, respect, compassion, ethics and team work.

Through our message, vision and ethics, Istiklal Hospital is more and more distinguished by its ongoing work and construction through consolidating institutional rules and taking into consideration all of the hospital scopes. All based on a clear comprehensive vision founded on high credibility and transparency. Our relationship with others depends on partnerships that funds provide for consistently distinguished medical and hotel services at appropriate costs. Our medical services are provided with a professional and friendly atmosphere for doctors that would ensure patient safety.

The hospital achieved many successes that included the shield of excellence, and the leadership award for private hospitals in our beloved country.
The hospital as well has achieved the HCAC accreditation on May 4, 2009 .HCAC is an ISQua accredited organization that accredits hospital and other health care services.

Due to the hospital's continued success, we constantly look towards growth and development in order to achieve the highest degrees of safety for our patients ...

Hotel services   
The hospital is distinguished by providing high-level hotel services that rival the finest international hotels equipped with the latest equipments and air conditioning and central heating basis. Istiklal hospital capacity is of 150 beds, divided between the wings and the rooms of first, second and third class.

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Istiklal Hospital Treatments Offered

Our pharmaceutical services and pharmacological treatments are two of the main components that allow us to achieve the highest levels of health care at Istiklal hospital. Our pharmacy is distinguished with its high credibility that has acquired the confidence of doctors and patients, making it a reference for the Ministry of Health and for the Jordan Food and Drugs Administration.  Drugs are sold under the supervision of a medical team that consists of a physician and a pharmacist in order to ensure the appropriate treatments with the right doses are given, ensuring the safety of our patients.

Out Patient Clinic   
Of all medical and surgical sections, whether general or specialized, that are supervised by highly qualified consultants include the following clinics:

Cardiology and Respiratory Unit:
Cardiology and Respiratory unit at Istiklal hospital is considered one of its kind in Jordan for it includes with the same unit two important specializations; Cardiology and Respiratory, which permits a rapid diagnosis and treatment plan that are coordinated between both Cardiology and Respiratory consultants leading to a faster and more rapid and precise diagnosis and of a lower cost to the patient.

Since there is a similarity in the symptoms of heart and lung diseases, many patients’ health statuses can be assessed within this unit and can have thoroughly performed tests that would assess the function of both heart and lungs in record time. The unit has the capacity to perform all the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for heart and lungs, including the diagnostic and therapeutic catheterization (to open arteries and the transplant of the networks in the cardiovascular, limbs and kidneys). This unit was in November 2005 and includes Cardiology clinics that are equipped with the latest equipment with a laboratory where other heart tests can be performed.

Cardiology clinics includes:

  • Physical examination and ECG clinic.
  • Echocardiogram clinic.
  • Exercise Stress Test clinic.
  • TEE clinic.
  • Holter Monitor clinic.

The unit also conducts a thorough medical examination for businessmen:
It includes the following laboratory tests: blood tests (HB, PCV) liver and kidney function test (LST, TST), cholesterol tests, urine tests, glucose tests, blood test for the prostate gland, thyroid function test, Heart ant lungs tests (ECG, lungs radiography, exercise stress test, pulmonary function test). All under integrated medical supervision.

Lithotripsy Unit :
The latest Lithotripsy unit in Jordan was lunched in March 2006.The unit includes one of the latest lithotipsy machines of Sonolith type, French made, that uses the latest medical technology (electro conductive waves). The machine fragments and disintegrates kidney stones, the shock wave shatters the stone and this allows the fragments to pass through the urinary system without referring to surgery nor the obliging the patient to stay overnight at the hospital. Prior to fragmenting the stone, X-ray and sonar are used to determine the location of the stone with high accuracy. The machine uses (the small focus) piece for more precise focusing and reduces damage to surrounding cells.

Nuclear medicine and osteoporosis unit:
This unit is one of the units that are essential for diagnosing diseases at an early stage, which would assist providing the correct treatment.
This unit includes:

  • The gamma camera: This machine is used to photograph the body’s internal organs including cardiac nuclear photography and other tests. This photography is on a high level of accuracy and rapid in disease detection.
  • The osteoporosis: when advancing in age, bone loses of some of the components, doctors recommends an early diagnosis of osteoporosis in order to insure a good treatment of it.

Invitro Fertilization and Embryo Implantation Unit (IVF):
Invitro Fertilization and Embryo Implantation Unit (IVF) at Istiklal hospital is distinguished by a medical team of the best expertise in the field of reproductive medicine in Jordan. It is provided with the latest technologies and integrated medical services which resulted into incomparable achievements.

The unit provides the following services:

  • Internal injection (injecting sperm inside the uterus).
  • Fertilization outside the body.
  • Microscopic Injection for the egg.
  • Freezing embryos, sperm and testicular tissues.
  • Piercing the fetus wall by laser.
  • Food center sticker to increase the proportion of Ingrac embryos inside the uterus.
  • The development of embryos to the stage before Craw Returns.
  • Genetically screening embryos before Alaellouk and determine the sex of the fetus.
  • Dealing with impotence and lack of spermatid and defamation retroactive to explore and testicular tissue biopsy and take them.
  • Theory of the uterus and abdominal diagnostic and surgical.
  • Care for pregnant women and check the safety of the fetus with ultrasonic frequencies.

Healthy Nutrition Unit:
The healthy nutrition unit at Istiklal Hospital is one of the most essential units at the hospital that deals with nutrition and healthy programs for patients. It provides advice on:

  • Nutrition programs for patients of; anemia, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney, colon irritation, ulcers.
  • Analysis for body fat percentage.
  • Nutrition programs for losing or gaining weight.
  • Special programs for patients with osteoporosis.
  • Children and pregnant women nutrition.
  • Any other nutritional consults.

Neurology Unit:
This unit contains an electroencephalogram (EEG), a device that detects the tiny electrical impulses produced by brain activity that can help diagnose certain conditions of the brain, such as convulsive seizures. It also includes the following services:

  • Peripheral nerve electrograph.
  • Acoustic nerve electrograph.
  • Optic nerve electrograph
  • Muscle electrograph
  • Physical examination clinic.

Pulmonary and Respiratory Clinic:

Hospital developments are now being measured by the development of the fellowship medical services it provides, especially the ones that provide unique health care. The respiratory unit is one of these sections that provide the following services through the latest scientific methods and means.
The respiratory section includes the following procedures:

  • Connects with patients and follows up their status.
  • Treatment by oxygen.
  • Treatment by spray.
  • Treatment by gravity.
  • Performing pulmonary function test.
  • Performing blood gases tests.
  • Performing pulmonary allergy tests.
  • Examine patients though sleepiness laboratory (sleepiness electrograph).

Besides performing many other tests that have to do with lungs and respiratory treatment and treating many chronic pulmonary diseases which requires a special medical care high technology.
This clinic provides patients with the following basic tests:

  • Spiro test.
  • Pulmonary function test.
  • Allergy test.
  • Sleeping test/ snoring.
  • Examine the satisfaction of oxygen in the effort
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Dentistry Surgery Clinic:

It is an integrated unit in providing all dental treatment services on hands of a well qualified medical team through the latest dentistry machine and techniques.
This Unit provides all oral and maxillofacial surgery, implant dentistry and other dental care services:

  • Cosmetic Dentistry and Prosthodontics
  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Bleaching by Laser
  • Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics
  • Fixed and removable prosthodontics
  • Implant dentistry
  • Periodontics & Oral Medicine
  • Orthodontics
  • Oral surgery

The clinic is specially designed to suit all including people with special needs.

Our dentists are well experienced dealing with diabetes, cancer, heart and kidney patients who require special treatment. They are also experienced in treating face and jaw fractures with special surgical equipments and provide dental treatment under anesthetization for all ages.

The clinic and all its equipments and machines are 24 hours sterilized not forgetting that the unit is provided with gas sterilization service around the clock for the best prices.

Ophthalmology clinic:
The unit includes the latest equipment for the treatment and diagnosis of eye, retina and aqueous humor diseases, as well as transplants of eye corneas and installation of glass-eyes. It also includes various types of laser treatment, retina photography (Fluorescence), and transplanting links in case of keratomalacia.The clinic includes a cornea diseases consultant who deals with transplanting corneas and any other disease that have to do with the cornea. It also includes a retina and aqueous humor diseases consultant who deals with the retina, inherited diseases and those as a result of diabetes.

  • General Surgery and Arthroscopic Surgery Clinics.
  • Internist and Cardiology Clinics.
  • Diabetes and Endocrinology Clinic.
  • Gastroenterology and Arthroscopic Clinic.
  • Orthopedics, Rheumatology and Spine Clinic.
  • Otorhinolaryngology Clinics.
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic .
  • Dermatology and Venereology Clinics.
  • Neurology clinic.
  • Urology Clinic.
  • Plastic Surgery Clinic.
  • Pediatric Surgery Clinic.
  • Pediatric Clinic.
  • Smoking Cessation Clinic.

This section is one of the most vital sections diagnostic and therapeutic of the heart and vascular without surgery intervention. In this section diagnostic and therapeutic catheterization is performed for the coronary arteries, limbs, brain and kidney arteries, cultivation of mineral types of  networks for the treatment of obstructed coronary arteries and limbs, brain and kidney arteries. Within this unit, heart electrification and transplanting heart organizers and to focus carrying out electrical causes of some kinds of heart rate turbulence, all this is being done by consultants with long experience and unique qualifications in the field of heart disease.

Renal Transplantation and Dialysis   
Istiklal Hospital has achieved advanced steps in organ transplantation, and more specifically in renal transplantation. The hospital is distinguished by its renal transplantation medical equipments, prior transplantation operation renal tests and the fully experienced medical team.

This unit is one of the first built sections at Istiklal hospital, and includes fifteen dialysis units with a qualified an experienced medical and nursing team whose only aim is to provide patients with all required medical care at the highest level.
This unit is one of the best dialysis units in the Kingdom which minimized the suffering of our patients compared to other patients. This fact attracted a large number of patients with chronic renal failure.

Radiology Department   
The Radiology department is one of the most important sections of Istiklal hospital; therefore it is equipped with the latest machines through highly qualified and trained radiographers and consultants.

The section works around the clock to provide the hospital with all types of radiographic tests, X-ray, sonar-ray, CT and magnetic resonance which are essential for diagnosing or assist the diagnosis of medical cases of acute, fractures, internal bleeding, cancer... and others.

Training and Development Section   
The role of the department  is to assess the educational and training needs of the nursing and other staff, and to oversee the scheduling and preparation for educational programs that partner with educational and training centers in the Kingdom in order to provide all members of the nursing staff with specialized educational programs in various nursing care issues. Istiklal hospital is concerned about providing its nursing staff with a cardiopulmonary resuscitation course which is then circulated among all hospital staff members, including administrative and services personnel. The hospital participates effectively through this department in conferences, workshops and seminars.

Premature Births and Incubators Section   
This is one of the most critical sections of the hospital where newborns are provided with the required medical care and services. Mothers are also trained on how to care for their babies.
This unit consists of:

Newborns Section:
This section consists of equipped rooms for newborns as well as a bath room for the babies. A chamber for breastfeeding and maternal education on the process of breastfeeding is also included. The prematurely section contains an equipped room with the latest equipment and ten modern incubators.

Isolation Room:
It is a room devoted to isolate special cases of special needs in order to prevent infections.

Devices available at prematurely Department:

  • Incubators, for premature babies for the purpose of maintaining their body temperature.
  • Ray machines, used in cases of high jaundice at birth.
  • Artificial breathing apparatus.
  • Mobile Incubator, to transfer children between hospitals, it contains an artificial breathing apparatus.
  • Monitoring apparatus for premature babies and newborns with light weights.

The Department of Emergency is ruled by a scientifically qualified and technically skilled staff which is experienced with all emergency cases, receiving patients around the clock.

This section includes:

  • Minor operations room: where minor cuts are treated under the supervision of specialists.
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation room: fully equipped.
  • Fractures room: where of all kinds of splints are made.
  • Cabin clinical detection and wide enough for six beds of all cases.
  • Ambulances fully equipped to deal with all emergences under all circumstances dealing with disasters, accidents and medical evacuation.

Physiotherapy Section   
Is one of the medical supporting fields dealing with patient rehabilitation with the assistance of medical equipment and physical exercise in order to improve the daily functions of the patient's life and to prevent complications of the disease they suffer from as much as possible. Through the provided treatment, patients restore their daily functions and become self-reliant as soon as possible, depending on the patient's particular situation and / or potential.

Diseases that this section treats:

  • Kinesi disorder such as paraparesis and paraplegia.
  • Joint pain.
  • Back pain, neck pain and slide of the cartilage
  • Post fractures of all kinds.
  • Rehabilitation of prosthetic (bionic) joints.

Operations and Resuscitation Section   
This section of the hospital is privileged with being equipped with the latest and most developed surgical equipments. In addition to the resuscitation rooms which consist of six fully equipped operating rooms that are ready to receive and perform all major and minor operations of general surgery, open-heart surgery, neurosurgery, gynecology and obstetrics, children gastroenterology, urology surgery, plastic surgery and otorhinolaryngology, plus cochlea and renal transplant, spine, bones and eyes operations, and all kinds of general and specialized surgeries.

Intensive Care Unit "ICU"   
This section is equipped with modern technologies with the highest of international standards. The medical procedures are carefully determined and supervised by an experienced medical staff in order to ensure patient safety with the highest of efficiency.

The Laboratory Services   
Istiklal hospital laboratories enjoy a well qualified staff that follows the required procedures necessary to ensure work processes are on the required level. They also contribute to control quality assurance, rehabilitation and training of laboratory staffs from all Jordanian universities. Our staff maintains a regular follow-up of major developments in the field of medical laboratories. Istiklal laboratories work around the clock and they include the following sections:

  • Hematology section.
  • Biochemistry section.
  • Microbiology section.
  • Histopathology section.
  • Endocrinology section.
  • Immunology section.

This unit provides all types of lab tests, regular and special, with highest accuracy using the latest technology and medical devices. Many other laboratories and private clinics transfer tests to Istiklal hospital laboratories due to our modern equipments and well qualified staff. Plus Istiklal hospital laboratories are accredited by Ministry of Health to conduct prior to marriage tests and parity vital studies. They are also accredited by many Arab and foreign embassies.

Obstetrician Section   
The Obstetrician section in Istiklal hospital enjoys a good reputation compared to other private hospitals due to the distinguished performance of its highly skilled medical team which maintains scientific knowledge and practical experience that adapt with all recent developments in the field of obstetrics.

This section provides health care for the mother, child and family on various levels of health care in accordance with the general and special standards at the hands of professional, ethical, and committed staff.
The Obstetrician section at Istiklal Hospital consists of :

  • Prenatal Rooms which are equipped with the latest equipments to monitor the embryo heart rate and uterine contractions and follow up poisoning pregnancy.
    Obstetrician Rooms which consist of three separate rooms that are fully equipped to monitor embryo heart rate and to perform safe deliveries.
  • The unit uses the latest techniques, treatments and equipment to help ease childbirth and labor pains.

Infection Control Section   
One of the fundamentals of health is maintaining health care and preventing infections, therefore the mission of this unit is:

  • Training patients on preventive and healthy manners for the purpose of preventing infections.
  • Educating staff on global standards for preventing the spread of infections.
  • Developing a training plan on how to dispose medical waste.
  • Stating programs to vaccinate medical and technical staff.
  • Inspecting any potential for hazardous infections and act upon.

Gastroenterolog and Respiratory system Arthroscopic unit   
The Arthroscopic unit at Istiklal hospital was opened in (2001), and is equipped on the highest standards. It is a diagnostic non-surgical unit for the digestive system, liver, bile ducts, pancreas and the respiratory system.

Arthroscopic types:

  • Gastroscopy: which is a scope for the stomach that starts with the esophagus and ends with the duodenum through the patient's mouth for the purpose of detecting diseases present in esophagus, stomach or duodenum such as (hernia, inflammations, ulcers, tumors).
  • Colonoscopy: which is a full scope for the colon through the anuz starting from there to the rectum, the whole colon then cecum and ending with the ileum.  The intestine is (1.5) meters long 6 cm diameter. The purpose of colonoscopy is to diagnose (Ulcers, sinuses, for fevers).
  • Bronchoscopy: which is a scope for bronchus and lungs, it starts from one of the nostrils, throat and bronchus then to the lungs. The purpose of Bronchoscopy is to diagnose (tumors, lung inflammations, obstruction in one of the lungs).
  • ERCP: This is a scope for the bile canals that shares the mechanism with gastroscopy with difference in scope devices and access point which is in the case of ERCP through the bile canal. ERCP is done in the radiology section as the doctor needs to see the location of the scoping devise whereas a coloring material is used in order to color the bile canal. The purpose of ERCP is to open the bile canal in order to remove the bilelith or detect the presence of tumors.

Uniquely detected and treated cases:

  • A balloon was planted inside a stomach by the telescope for the purpose of reducing weight which gave excellent results, the balloon was removed on the right time through the telescope as well later fulfilling its purpose.
  • A wide range of the heavily bleeding cases were found to be due to bleeding in esophagus veins, which were successfully treated by both injection and tying.
    (crohns) disease was diagnosed through gastroscopy.
  • A case of a false bag inside the pancreas was diagnosed and treated through inserting a link between the false bag and the stomach in cooperation between a radiologist and a gastroenterologist. The patient fully recovered.
  • A rounded tumor of 5 cm in diameter and 3 cm high was eradicated from the stomach through the telescope.

Sterilization Section
One of the most important developments at Istiklal hospital is the renovation and modernization of the Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD). This unit is equipped with the latest sterilization technologies that sterilizes each and every surgical tool. It also includes an (ethylene Oxide) gas sterilization machine that has been updated to a (plasma) device. The (plasma) shares the efficiency of the (ethylene Oxide), in addition to being safe for people and friendly towards the environment.

Nutrition Section   
Nutrition Section is essential with its unique services in nutrition and food preparation through full cooperation between doctors and nutrition specialists, all for the purpose of providing patients care in a scientific medical manner.

Public Safety Department   
The aim of establishing this section is to protect personnel and materials from hazards by providing a safe working environment and ensuring operations are run on a scientific basis without resulting into human injury or physical damages to the building facilities.

Plans and policies are being specifically developed to ensure that operations are processed on the required level :

  • Forming a public safety and accidents committee that has a member from all sections. The committee’s role is to follow-up and control operations, plans and policies.
  • Emergency teams are prepared 24 hours to deal with emergencies.
  • Self protection devices inside the building are regularly inspected and maintained.
  • Preparing billboards and information leaflets for the purpose of raising awareness in hospital employees in order to eliminate and prevent incidents which might lead to injuries.
  • Coordinating through the Public Safety Committee at the hospital and governmental agencies (Public Security, Civil Defense, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment, Social
  • Security Institute... etc) for the purpose of holding training courses about how to deal with emergencies.
  • Controlling medical waste disposal in accordance with the instructions of related departments.

Biomedical Engineering Section   
The departments at Istiklal hospital are provided with advanced technological medical devices that match scientific developments. In order to facilitate our physicians’ work, we carefully choose equipment and devices that can be constantly developed  to assure  high productivity and accuracy. Taking into account the active role of advanced technology in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, our medical equipment guarantees the safety of our patients. This therefore reflects the importance of this section in maintaining the highest quality of efficiency for our medical equipment.

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