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Cyst Operation, Dentistry doctors in Rijeka, Croatia

Speciality:Esthetic Dentistry Specialist, Prosthodontist

Location:Rijeka | Croatia

About:After passing the state exam and getting a licence, Dr. Tamara Kovacevic Miksic entered the post-graduate study at the School of Dental Medicine at the University of Zagr...

Speciality:Implantology Dentist

Location:Rijeka | Croatia

About:Upon graduating, Dr. Damir Miksic continued education in Croatia and abroad (Rijeka, Zagreb, Milan, Vienna, etc.), acquiring knowledge from professors of great renown such as ...


Location:Rijeka | Croatia

About:Dr. Silvio Ferreri was an Assistant professor of Orthodontics and since 2005 he has been the head of the Department of Clinical Paedodontics and Deputy chief of the Stomatology cli...
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