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Patients who choose Cuba for addiction rehabilitation program benefit from the "therapeutic community" approach, which is a group therapy where patients share their feelings, moods and experiences.
Basa Medical Tourism Cuba is a leading expert in connecting patients from all over the world to prestigious Cuban clinics and medical centers. The health company has come up with an attractive wellness package in the beautiful Havana, Cuba.
Many natural products have shown amazing results on cancer patients, improving their quality of life. Patients coming to Cuba can benefit from this program for cancer using only natural products.
Are you looking for Lung Cancer treatment with CimaVax Vaccine? Visit Cuba to get the best package with its ease of administration, combined with the inexpensive cost.
CIMAVAX-EGF is the first worldwide registered therapeutic vaccine for non-small lung cancer. The price for the CimaVax Lung Cancer Vaccine starts at $10,800 approximately.
The price for the Diabetic Foot treatment package offered by Basa Medical Tourism Cuba starts at $6,770.?
New breakthrough treatment for Diabeting Foot Problems in Cuba. The price starts at $6770.
CUBANDHEALTH brings one of the best tummy tuck surgery packages in Cuba. They offering the best treatment with amazing benefits at just $3050.
Basa Medical Tourism Cuba offers high-quality Tubal Ligation Reversal surgery for international patients.
At Basa Medica Tourism Cuba the price for kidney transplant starts at $18,750.
The price for the Vitiligo Treatment with Melagenina Lotion offered by Basa Medical starts at $640. (The Price for each Melagenina bottle is $36).