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Stem Cell Knee- ACL Tears Treatment Abroad

Stem Cell Knee- ACL Tears Treatment Abroad

Anterior Cruciate Ligament or ACL tear is common knee injury mostly suffered by the sportspersons like skiers, mountain bikers, and other intense summer enthusiasts. ACL acts as a major knee stabilizer and it is not supposed to heal when it is torn. Surgery is the most common treatment procedure for replacing the torn ligament, but it has its share of issues. More cartilage compression is caused as the graft is placed at the steeper angle inside that the original ACL. The strength of the knee and the sense of position never remains the same after the surgery. Many young people even get affected by arthritis as early as the 30s.

So, what could be the best solution? You can heal the ACL tear with stem cells. It is a viable alternative for people who are considering surgery for complete or partial ACL tear. According to the recent advances of the stem cell technology, the ligaments that were not supposed to heal appear as normal ligaments after a stem cell injection.

What are the Available Types of ACL Tears Treatments?

Take a look at the available types of treatments for ACL Tears:


  • Compression wrap of an elastic band around the knee
  • Icing the affected knee for twenty minutes in every two hours
  • Lie down by elevating the knees on the pillows
  • Rest more to restrict your knee’s weight-bearing capacity


Rehabilitative therapy is a procedure to treat ACL tears that may take several weeks. The physiotherapist will work with the aim to reduce swelling and pain and restore the full motion range of the knee along with strengthening the muscles. However, it requires constant supervision and regular exercises without putting stress on the injured knee.


The doctor may recommend surgery to people who are active and young. The athletes, who want to continue with sports, often choose surgery to get back to the normal work. However, the process of healing may take minimum six months and at that point; they can be only 50% of what the condition of the knee was before the injury.

Stem Cell Treatment

This is the most recent alternative for those who want to avoid lengthy downtime and painful rehabilitation of the surgery. This procedure allows the patients to get back to some forms of exercise within a few weeks and back to complete activities after a few months.

What are the Causes of Knee ACL Tears?

ACL injuries mostly happen due to sudden to uneven stress on the knee during fitness activities or sports. Some of the common causes include:

  • Suddenly stopping
  • Landing from an incorrect jump
  • Pivoting with your firmly planted foot
  • Direct hard hit on the knee due to an accident or bodily blow like tackle during a football match

What are the Symptoms?

When you have an ACL injury, you will not be able to continue activity and feel severe pain. Within a few hours, the swelling can begin. There might be a popping sensation or a loud pop in the knee, which can gradually lead to loss of motion range.
Stem Cell Treatment for Knee ACL

When the right volume of stem cells is injected into the injured ligament, the chances of successful recovery increases. Using high-tech features, the stem cells are harvested painlessly from the suitable source of the patient’s body. Also, bone marrow is harvested, as it contributes to stem cells and it is also a rich growth factor source. This is followed by a multi-phase process of centrifugation of the regenerative solutions so that it can be consolidated and concentrated for the stem cell therapy injections for knees. The injection is given into the damaged ligament and affected joint space’s other areas.

What are the Benefits of the Treatment?

  • Heals the ligament in place without surgery
  • Speedy recovery that allows patients to get back into sports or fitness activities much faster
  • No pain like surgical procedure
  • Safe procedure and stem cells and bone marrow extracted from the patient’s body itself

Stem Cell Knee ACL Tears Cost

There is no singular price available for this treatment like all other stem cell treatment varieties. The price can vary depending upon the location you choose and other facilities of the clinic. There is no standardization of prices, as stem cell is still a growing field. The average price of stem cell therapy for joints in Mexico is around $4350, while in the Czech Republic, the cost is around $4700. The average price can go up to $10000 in Ukraine and up to $13000 in China.

How the find the best clinic?

When you decide to go for stem cell treatment for knee ACE Tears, make sure you choose the best clinic and the best doctors. It is important to research if the clinic is licensed and accredited to perform the procedure and the orthopedist has proper education, certificates, and experience on the same. You should also read the testimonials of the past patients and contact someone who has already gone through the procedure at the clinic, if possible. This will help you to find the best clinic.


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