Executive Burnout Treatment, Ibogaine Therapy - Addiction Treatment

Executive Burnout Treatment, Ibogaine Therapy

Executive Burnout Treatment, Ibogaine Therapy

People of many developing and developed countries experience executive Burnout due to the stress related to their corporate jobs. The constant pressure of surviving the work pressure and excelling at the work sometimes burns the executive. Longer work hours have increased the average executive burnout rates. People engaged in corporate jobs choose to consume alcohol and even drugs to have some relief from the bitter stress.

Signs of Executive Burnout

The stress of work and the struggle with Executive burnout can be terrible. The mental exhaustion can lead to Physical inability of the person if not attended carefully at the right time. Apart from being physically and mentally exhausted for most of the time of the day, the other symptoms of Executive Burnout are:

  • Being over critical at work
  • Being dissatisfied with own and others works
  • Zero motivation level
  • Constant irritation towards coworkers, customers and employer
  • A deep feeling of restriction towards success at work
  • Not being able to complete the work on time
  • Chronic physical ailments like headache or back pain
  • Sleep disorders due to irregular working hours

Ibogaine Treatment for Executive Burnout

Ibogaine is an effective treatment for executive burnout. People experiencing a feeling of constant fatigue and demoralization may consider ibogaine treatment to gain back the control of life.

Ibogaine Treatment is effective in:

  • Improving energy
  • Betterment of mood
  • Reducing negative behaviors
  • Reducing stress
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Increasing productivity
  • Improving mental stability
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