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Calf Implants Treatment Abroad

Calf Implants Treatment Abroad

Let's face it. Many of us are very unhappy with our legs, or lower legs especially. Many of us feel our calves are too thin or too fat, too stumpy or too skinny. Calf implants, also known as calf augmentation is an extremely popular cosmetic surgical procedure that is enjoyed by both men and women. Many individuals, despite focused exercises, are unable to achieve the desired look and sculpture that he or she wishes for calf muscle and tone appearance. However, calf implants are also ideal for individuals suffering birth defects, injury deformities, or disproportionate calf development.

Types of Calf Implants

Several popular techniques, procedures and materials are utilized in calf implant or calf augmentation procedures. Individuals wishing to undergo calf implants will discuss desired results as well as materials and technique with a cosmetic or plastic surgeon.
The two most common procedures involved in calf augmentation ore calf implants include:

  • Sub muscular technique - calf implant is inserted under the muscle tissues
  • Sub facial technique - calf implant is inserted under dermis (skin layers) within muscle fascia

Determination of where a calf implant is inserted will be determined by a plastic surgeon. However, most calf implants are inserted in a sub-facial muscle, although best results are usually obtained by placement or insertion of the implant into sub-muscular muscle.

Who Benefits from Calf Implant Procedures?

Any individual unhappy with the look of his or her calves will benefit from a calf implant procedure. However, these procedures go well beyond the mental outlook of a patient and enhanced self-confidence. Calf implants are also commonly used for individuals who have suffered from muscular injuries or deterioration such as those caused by polio, spina bifida, and accidents. Individuals wishing to achieve a more balanced look between lower and upper leg body sculpture find this type of procedure ideal.

Calf Implant or Augmentation Procedure

In most cases, a calf implant procedure involves the placement of a silicon implant over the gastrocnemius muscles of the calf, though other materials are often used, depending on the preferences of the surgeon. Because the calf muscle has two heads, one on the upper side of the leg and one on the outer side of the leg, surgeons as well as patients will determine whether one or two implants will be necessary to achieve desired results.

Calf Implants Procedure

Small incisions are made in the crease behind the knee for the implantation procedure. Preoperative visits are used to determine the size of and precise locations of the implant. During surgery, patients will be placed under general anesthesia. Incisions are made in the gastroc muscle and special instruments are then used to create an opening or pocket between fascia muscles structure and underlying muscle tissues. The implant is placed into the pocket, correctly balanced and situated, following with the closure of the incision.

Recovery from calf implant surgery generally takes one to two weeks. Patients are encouraged to walk around, but for the first day or two, legs will be elevated to reduce swelling. Typically, patients are able to return to physical activities and lifestyle within approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

Cost of Calf Implants

As with most other cosmetic or plastic surgical procedures, the cost of calf implants is not typically covered by health or medical insurance plans in the United States. Depending on the type of implant as well as materials used, the common cost of a calf implant in the United States ranges between $5,500 and $8,500. Cost of the same type of calf implant in other countries save individuals hundreds if not thousands of dollars. For example, individuals receiving calf implants in Brazil pay an average of $2,714, while visitors to India may pay an average of $3,229, and travelers venturing to Poland may pay around $4,200.

Who Performs Calf Implant Procedures?

Any type of cosmetic surgical procedure should be performed by a trained and certified plastic or cosmetic surgeon who specializes in calf implant procedures. Individuals should belong to plastic surgeon organizations or associations in his or her country of origin as well as be able to display training, experience and certification in specialized techniques. Consumers should also inspect or ask to see accreditation or certification of all medical facilities, both inpatient and outpatient treatment centers to ensure quality, cleanliness, and adequate equipment and technology to successfully complete treatments and procedures.

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