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IntraLASIK or FemtoLASIK Treatment Abroad

IntraLASIK or FemtoLASIK Treatment Abroad


ASIK vision correction procedures have been performed by the thousands in the past, with new technologies advancing at a steady rate.

Intralase LASIK or IntraLASIK or FemtoLASIK is another type of corrective eye surgery that focuses on a condition called astigmatism, as well as conditions like myopia (near-sightedness) and hyperopia (farsightedness). Intralase LASIK surgery is performed with a laser. IntraLase was the first laser manufacturer to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States. The first Intralase LASIK vision correction procedure was performed in the year 2000.


Benefits of IntraLASIK

Individuals undergoing an IntraLASIK procedure benefit not only from the technology that helps prevent damage to the cornea through overheating of the laser, but in greater accuracy in the thickness, shape, and size of the corneal flap. The Intralase LASIK procedure does not rely on use of a scalpel, and as a blade-free procedure, is more precise

Who is a Candidate for IntralLASIK Procedures?

The Intralase LASIK method is suitable for individuals requiring lamellar resection of the cornea or who require any procedure that first necessitates incisions or cuts in the cornea. The procedure is common in corneal harvesting and lamellar keratopathy, but not all individuals are suitable for the procedures and contraindications do apply. An ophthalmologist or laser surgery specializing in vision correction will address such issues with patients.

IntraLASIK Procedure

The Intralase LASIK method creates a flap in the corneal tissue so that the cornea, located beneath the flap, can he adapted or "remodeled" to correct a variety of vision problems. The flap is then repositioned over the cornea and secured in place with adhesion materials (either stitches or a special glue-type substance). LASIK stands for laser assisted in situ keratomileusis, and Intralase LASIK only differs from the traditional form of the procedure in the use of the type of instrument that creates the corneal flap. In a traditional LASIK procedure, a physical microkeratome creates the flap in the cornea, while the Intralase LASIK technology utilizes a laser.

How Does IntraLASIK or FemtoLASIK Work?

The Intralase LASIK method utilizes the Intralase technology and laser to create a precise corneal flap in the first step of the vision correction procedure. After the corneal flap has been created, an Excimer laser performs the actual vision correction. The Intralase method, because it utilizes very small and rapid pulses of laser light, is able to access the top layers of the cornea at specific gaps. Intralase methods allow the corneal flap to be created in a very short period of time (about 15 seconds per eye), and the entire procedure takes approximately 10 minutes.

The IntraLASIK or FemtoLASIK laser creates a pulse every quadrillions of a second, and the speed and short duration of the laser pulses prevents damage to the cornea caused by overheating.

Intra/FemtoLASIK Cost Abroad

How much does Intra/FemtoLASIK Cost?

Cost of LASIK procedures typically start at $500 for each eye, but may go up to nearly $1,800 per eye, depending on laser technologies or platforms used for the procedure. Average cost of LASIK procedures is $900 per eye, pricing including consultation and follow-up appointments. Individuals with lower prescription or vision issues are at the lower end of the cost spectrum.

Who Performs Intra/FemtoLASIK Procedures?

The IntraLASIK procedure should only be performed, or operated by, a trained physician who has been certified in the Intralase laser technology as well as laser safety. Choose an ophthalmologist who is trained and certified in corrective or refractive vision surgeries. Make sure that any physician or surgeon is certified or associated in professional organizations, associations and medical boards.

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