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Bunionectomy Treatment Abroad

Bunionectomy Treatment Abroad


A bunion is abnormal growth of the joint of the big toe that caused the big toe to grow inward toward the other toes. This deformity causes a large, calloused and often painful ridge for bunk on the inside edge of the toe.  A bunion is medically described as an enlargement of tissue or bone at the head of the large toe. The condition often causes pain, difficulty walking, and limited range of motion and mobility.

Bunion surgery, also known as exostectomy or bunionectomy, is a procedure that removes soft tissues or ligaments that surround the joint of the big toe. There are dozens of different approaches bunionectomy surgery and bunion repair, depending on the severity of the condition.  In cases where the big toe joint is deformed, patients experience pain, limited mobility and reduced range of motion and function.

Who Benefits from Bunion Surgery? 

Individuals who have undergone non-surgical treatment without relief of beneath pain, or who experience difficulty walking or performing daily activities and chores may benefit from bunions surgery.  Before and after surgery, individuals may be required to wear special types of shoes, or avoid certain types of shoes to help maintain support and reduction of symptoms of bunions.

The Bunionectomy Procedure

Prior to surgical approaches to treat bunions, you will undergo a thorough foot examination by a podiatrist or foot doctor. Your doctor will determine your ability to move your toe and whether range of motion is limited. Your doctor will ask about your level of pain, and assess the level of bone deformity and damage through x-rays.

Before deciding on a surgical procedure, your doctor may suggest conservative or non-surgical treatment that may include padding or taping your toes, changing the type of shoes you wear, or medications that help relieve inflammation, pain, and swelling.

When such non-surgical forms of treatment fail to produce beneficial results, surgery may be recommended.  Bunion surgery:

  • Removes excess tissue from around the joint of the big toe.
  • May help straighten and align the toe in its proper position through the removal of parts of the bone.
  • Fuse the smaller joints of the big toe together.

In most cases, bunion surgery will not be recommended unless chronic pain and a lack of mobility affect your daily function.

The bunion surgery procedure you experience depends on the approach, prognosis and goals decided between you and your doctor.  The most common approach to bunion surgery is to remove sections of bone from the first metatarsal head of the big toe. This helps to decrease pressure against muscles and skin during walking movements. The focus of bunion surgery procedures is to relocate bones of the joint surface without reducing or otherwise compromising the function of the toe joint. The bone may be shaved, chipped away, or removed completely, depending on individual case scenarios.

Following the surgical procedure, patients are able to walk in special post-surgical shoes or boots.  Complete bone healing usually occurs within six weeks, although some swelling may persist for as much as two months following the surgical procedure.

Affordable Bunion Surgery Abroad

How Much Does Bunion Surgery Cost?

In the United States, bunion surgical procedures often range between $3,500 and $4,000, depending on the type of surgery and the severity of the toe deformity. However, travelers to foreign destinations such as Mexico and Costa Rica may save hundreds of dollars on the same surgical procedure.

Who Performs Bunion Surgery?

A trained and certified podiatrist may perform bunionectomy procedures, as can orthopedic surgeons. The American Board of Orthopedic Surgery suggests that individuals looking for a surgeon to perform bunionectomy procedures be certified and accredited by the American Board of Orthopedic or Podiatric Surgeons or similar organizations and associations in their country of origin. Experience, training, and effective results should be determined prior to making such a decision.



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