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Acromioplasty Treatment Abroad

Acromioplasty Treatment Abroad


Acromioplasty is a procedure that describes the removal of a small piece of the surface of a bone.  The surface of the bone is called the acromion. The acromion on is the point of contact between a section of bone and the tendon. Damage to the acromion may cause friction or injury to the end of the tendon where it attaches to the bone. Acromioplasty is an arthroscopic procedure, meaning that it is performed with an arthroscope. One of the most common procedures for acromioplasty occurs during shoulder rotator cuff repair. The procedure is designed to increase range of motion for the shoulder joint or other affected joint.

Who benefits from acromioplasty?
Individuals suffering cartilage or tendon damage in the knees, ankle, shoulder or hip may benefit from acromioplasty procedures. An individual experiencing a rotator cuff tear may benefit from the procedure as well. In such situations, the procedure, called arthroscopic acromioplasty or cuff debridement is common.

Acromioplasty Procedure
Before any surgery to repair ligament or tendon repairs in the joints, the patient undergoes a variety of tests, which will include traditional x-rays, ultrasounds, and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).

Using a torn rotator cuff or damage shoulder as an example of acromioplasty, the patient arrives that the outpatient center or hospital prior to the surgery, and is set up with an IV (intravenous) line in a vein in the arm through which medications and fluids are offered during the surgical procedure.

In some cases, a local anesthetic will be introduced into the shoulder, or an individual may be placed under general anesthesia that puts them to sleep during the surgical procedure. Generally, two different techniques are utilized in acromioplasty:

Arthroscopic acromioplasty - this technique involves in arthroscope, a flexible and thin fiberoptic scope about the diameter of a common drinking straw. A small camera attached to the end of a tube offers the surgeon a clear view of the surgical field without the necessity of large incisions. The tube is inserted through very small incision. The camera then displays pictures of the surgical field on a monitor or screen in the surgical suite. Additional small incisions are made around the arthroscope for insertion of very small surgical instruments. This surgical technique causes minimal tissue and muscle damage while still allowing the doctor to view the surgical field and perform the bone scraping or shaving with minimal complications.

Acromioplasty Procedure

Open acromioplasty is performed through an incision made in the skin over the shoulder joint (for shoulder rotator cuff repairs). The surgeon separates the skin to widen his viewing field of the inside of the shoulder joint. To date, open acromioplasty is still preferred, as it enables surgeons to more adequately view and repair torn rotator cuff junctures, and to more precisely shave the bone and tendon connection area.

The surgeon determines which portion of the acromion to be removed and then reshapes the remaining bone. At that time, the surgeon also repairs surrounding tissue damage or tears. In both cases, the incisions are closed with staples or stitches and dressings applied. Patients are required to immobilize their shoulder by wearing a sling for the prescribed time determined by the doctor, usually several weeks.

Total recovery from acromioplasty may take between six months to a year, depending on the severity of the tendon tear or displacement as well as the location of the injury. Open acromioplasty procedures take longer to heal than arthroscopic technique approaches, but your surgeon will determine which technique is more suited to your situation.

How Much Does Acromioplasty Cost?
The cost of acromioplasty will depend on the joint area.  In the United States, Acromioplasty and rotator cuff repair costs around $7,000. This cost may or may not include doctor's fees, anesthesia, laboratory fees or fees for the surgical suite or operating area. Visitors traveling to India may undergo the acromioplasty rotator cuff repair for approximately $3,700. Larger joint or more severe repairs may naturally cost more. Acromioplasty performed independently of any other type of surgical procedure may cost less, depending on the severity of damage and joint location.

Who Performs Acromioplasty Procedures?
 Surgeons should be certified and board-approved in their country of origin as well as belong to organizations or associations of orthopedic surgeons and provide services in approved facilities. All surgeons should also have completed their requirements in order to receive their certificate, have spent their allotted years in performing surgery, and be extremely familiar with arthroscopic techniques and surgical procedures. Their education also plays a part in choosing the best surgeon, aside from experience. Make sure they have a strong code of ethics and that patient needs are taken care of and questions are answered completely.


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