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Human Growth Hormones Used in Anti Aging Treatment Abroad

Human Growth Hormones Used in Anti Aging Treatment Abroad


Men and women have long sought the cure-all to slow the aging process, and human growth hormone (known as HGH) products have been around for years. HGH is believed to help encourage cellular reproduction. While some HGH products remain controversial, they continue to be popular around the world.

Currently, scientific studies have not fully determined whether human growth hormone offers verifiable results and consumers are still cautioned against engaging in antiaging treatments without adequate research into claims, benefits, and drawbacks of specific antiaging therapies or treatments.

Who Benefits from HGH Treatments?

If you're concerned about aging, or worried that wrinkles, fatigue or drooping skin may interfere with your appearance, you may benefit from antiaging treatments, procedures, and programs. While physicians and skin care enthusiasts have not found the elusive fountain of youth to date, millions continue to seek youth through human growth hormone treatments, with varying results. Human growth hormone treatments are also beneficial to children or adults diagnosed with conditions that decrease adequate health and wellness, such as disruption or damage to the thyroid or other endocrine glands in the body.

Human Growth Hormone Treatment Plans

Today, human growth hormones are also available in sprays and creams and cost depends on the size as well as quality of the product. Human growth hormone is believed to help increase metabolism, reducing weight gain. Increased muscles mass, reversal of aging decline or symptoms are also claimed by practitioners as well as recipients of human growth hormone treatments. However, complete scientific testing on HGH has not determined absolute efficacy of such supplements, so consumers are advised to remain cautious.

Human growth hormone is naturally produced by the pituitary gland, found near the base of the brain in the center of the skull. HGH treatments for the middle aged or seniors may help increase endurance, reduce fatigue and promote healing of injuries. HGH treatments are also beneficial in those diagnosed with thyroid or metabolism dysfunction, as well as those whose growth patterns have been disrupted by cancer and radiation or chemotherapy treatments.

HGH therapy Abroad

Four common types of HGH therapy are used today:

  • Type 1 - Injectable
  • Type 2 - Homeopathic
  • Type 3 - HGH Precursors
  • Type 4 - HGH Agonists and Releasers

Injectable forms of HGH are only available from your doctor. Low-dosage injections may be given daily to reduce unwanted side effects, which may include symptoms of arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and swelling or edema.

Homeopathic forms of HGH treatments are available in oral sprays, skin patches or liquid delivered under the tongue.

Precursor HGH is offered in the form of amino acids, which can be found not only in certain foods, but also as nutritional supplements that are then processed by the liver and converted into human growth hormone in the body more naturally. HGH agonists and releasers are components that help stimulate the body's pituitary gland to increase and release more of the body's natural growth hormone, though individuals diagnosed with diabetes or cancer should not take such agonists or related amino acids.

How Much Do HGH Treatments Cost?

In the United States, injectable HGH treatments may cost between $300 and $3,000 a month, depending on how often the body requires the medication for optimal health and wellness. Individuals traveling to cross-border destinations such as Mexico or Southeast Asia may save hundreds to thousands of dollars on the same treatments and products.

Who Performs HGH Treatment Plans?

When seeking any type of advice or service regarding antiaging treatments or services, consumers are cautioned to do their homework and research physicians, treatment plans and facilities to the best of their ability. When seeking the services of antiaging treatments found in spas or facilities around the world, research the background, experience and testimonials of individuals who've undergone such treatments whenever possible.

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