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Color Blindness Treatment Abroad

Color Blindness Treatment Abroad


olor blindness is typically an inherited trait and is present at birth. Color blindness affects about one in ten men and is rarely found in women. Occasionally, certain medications may cause color blindness, and sometimes injury or other eye diseases may cause this situation.

Inability to see color is caused when there is a problem with nerve cells in the eye responsible for sensing color or pigment, and is located toward the back of the eye, in the retina. The most common type of color blindness is the failure to distinguish between red and green, and is caused by the lack of one of the nerve pigments, Additional color difficulties are caused by two or more of these nerve cell dysfunctions.

Benefits of Color Blindness Treatments
There are no physical medical treatments that can correct color blindness, but there are options that those who suffer from this condition may utilize to help improve the basic quality of life.

Many types of glasses or contacts are available to those suffering from color blindness and these corrective lens help filter and change some colors to assist those to differentiate more color, contrast and depth.

The principle behind this technique was established in the late 1800s and basically uses a tinted lens, usually for the non-dominant eye. Other types of lens actually tint both lens differently, so that the brain can distinguish differences, as each eye sees slightly differently, creating more sensation of color on both sides of the brain.

How much do corrective color blindness lenses or contacts cost?
Depending on the types of lens used and whether one or two lens is used, the average cost of one lens can cost as much as $500.00 per lens. This brings the total cost of one pair of glasses to approximately $1,000.00 in the US.

Depending on which clinic is used and the type lens, less expensive versions are available in Mexico, Central America. Savings may increase up to half the price as listed in the US.

Who Provides Services for Color Blindness?
Depending on where you go to find some improvement in quality of life with color blindness lenses or contacts, be sure to investigate the clinic you choose that they have certification in Optometry and are licensed to treat this condition.

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