Comprehensive Spinal Cord Injury Treatment at BPIH, Beijing, China

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Comprehensive Spinal Cord Injury Treatment at Beijing Puhua International Hospital

Comprehensive Spinal Cord Injury Treatment at Beijing Puhua International Hospital

Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH), located in Beijing, China, is known for providing international standard healthcare for more than two decades. They serve as the leader in providing international healthcare, service, and comfort with advanced surgical, medical and diagnostic care. Here, we will refer a case where you will learn how BPIH changed the life of a man who lost every hope of recovery due to a massive spinal cord injury. Let us go through the inspiring story of Mr. Zhao and his tremendous journey to recovery.

Medical History of Mr. Zhao

Mr. Zhao from China’s Hebei Province, born on 01 January 1963, was diagnosed with a massive spinal cord injury. BPIH helped with complete recovery through comprehensive treatment, traditional Chinese medicine, and rehabilitation therapy.

At the age of 54, Mr. Zhao is the only income earner of his family, but an accident changed his life forever. In July 2017, he encountered an accident by falling to the ground from a height of three meters while building a house for his nephew. The impact of the fall left him unconscious. When he regained his consciousness, he could not move his right leg and upper limbs.

He was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for two weeks. During this period, he could only make a slight movement of his right leg. Sadly, there was no improvement and he continued to suffer poor control of his bowels.

He was then taken to a Beijing-based hospital where the doctors examined his condition and diagnosed that he is suffering from a bilateral brachial plexus nerve injury. The extreme complexity of the surgery made the matter worse and the doctors determined that it I too risky. They gave a verdict that it will not be possible to recover from this condition and Mr. Zhao would remain like that for the rest of his life. When Mr. Zhao came to know about the doctors’ opinion, his world shattered and he even tried to end his life. However, a friend instilled one last hope in his mind and recommended to get a second opinion at Beijing Puhua International Hospital.

Day 1 at BPIH

Mr. Zhao was admitted to BPIH on August 02 2017. On the first day, the efficient medical team at BPIH conducted the clinical investigation and the result was scary. The team did not notice any movement in both the arms. There was no muscle contraction and the tone of the muscle was weak. They rated upper limb muscle strength at zero out of five.

The medical team at BPIH headed by Dr. Yanni Li checked the previous test results and excluded paraplegia and brain injury. This was a good sign, but the medical team wanted to be completed sure about the diagnosis. Dr. Li consulted with the MRI specialists, which helped in tracing the areas of the injured nerves. The team of BPIH wanted to promote and speed up the process of recovery of Mr. Zhao’s surgery. That is why they followed a special protocol of IV nutritionals and medications.

Day 2 at BPIH

On the second day of Mr. Zhao’s admission, Dr. Yanni decided to conduct a detailed study of his symptoms. For this purpose, multiple disciplinary consultations were organized. During this session, the experts thoroughly studied and discussed the MRI results and Mr. Zhao’s symptoms, and excluded a brachial plexus injury. The meeting revealed that Mr. Zhao is suffering from C3-T1 level of Spinal Cord Injury. That is when the doctors decided to prepare him for the Spinal Cord Reconstruction Surgery.

Mr. Zhao was informed about this development, but he was still not very hopeful. The medical team of BPIH ensured that the success rate of this treatment is very high and it will be possible to recover very soon with continued rehabilitation training.

Mr. Zhao on his 3rd day at BPIHDay 3 at BPIH

There was a significant improvement in his condition. Mr. Zhao was independently able to move his upper limbs. Mr. Zhao was again hopeful. He became emotional and excited that he could not hold his tears back. He expressed thankfulness to the medical team and Dr. Li.

Dr. Li was also delighted with this extraordinary improvement. However, he made Mr. Zhao understand that he must continue rehabilitation training and it is very much possible to ensure further improvements.

Day 4 at BPIH

The rehabilitation training continued under proper guidance.

Day 5 at BPIH

There were remarkable improvements on the fifth day of hospitalization. Mr. Zhao was able to stretch out his forearm, feel enhanced reflex on the triceps and even walk with assistance.

There was also a good improvement in the finger movement. Though there was a numb feeling in his arms that was a good recovery sign of nerve recovery. Gradually, he was able to rotate both his arms and the upper limb muscle strength continued to improve. After another week, muscle strength of right upper limb restored to 4-/5, left upper limb to 3/5. There was a good improvement in the flexibility of all joints as well. Gradually, all the medications were reduced by the doctors.

Week 4 at BPIH- Massive Recovery and Discharge from the Hospital

On the fourth week of hospitalization, Mr. Zhao showed remarkable improvement by getting off the bed and walking without any assistance. He was able to lift both the arms and button up his shirt as well.

The doctors decided to discharge Dr. Zhao but asked him to continue with the rehabilitation training.

The life is again all good and happy for Mr. Zhao. He experienced a great turnaround from being completely hopeless about his condition to a dramatic improvement. He is very happy to opt for a second opinion and reached BPIH. He is very grateful to the well-trained and experienced medical team at BPIH for changing his life forever.


Testimonial - Check Mr. Zhao sharing his experience


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