Kathy Review about Stem Cell for Face Rejuvenation in Mexico

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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
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Kathy Real Story after Getting Stem Cell for Face Rejuvenation in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Watch real testimonial Video of Stem Cell for Skin Rejuvenation in Puerto Vallarta Mexico from Kathy. Book now Regenerative Therapy at PlacidWay. Kathy's skin looks better than ever after stem cell rejuvenation in Immunotherapy. Her eyesight has also improved significantly. She is feeling healthier overall and is very happy with the results.

How Stem Cell for Eyesight and Skin Rejuvenation in Puerto Vallarta Improves Kathy’s Life

“As i had seen on television where they uh take a stem cells to make your face rejuvenated your skin rejuvenated uh so i'm 72 this year and so like two years ago he gave me injections in my face and you know everyone everyone has commented how much better my skin looks my face looks uh friends family everyone but about three months after i started my initial therapy with Dr Romero.”

“I noticed i didn't need reading glasses anymore and my eyesight was so bad. I had reading glasses in every room of the house pinned to my clothes on top of my head just terrified. I couldn't see the phone the microwave anything so they were like at three number three reading glasses and all of a sudden. I was like oh my gosh i haven't taken the reading glasses out of my purse i could see fine i can be perfectly. I can't believe i can read menus anything and the other thing i noticed um was i didn't have the sciatic problems anymore so at my age you know if you can't get up and down it's normal but if i got on the floor to play with grandkids or whatever.”

“I had to roll over to a couch or a chair or something to be able to stand up and all of a sudden. I was like oh my god i can stand up i can get up and i didn't have the pain now i hadn't even gone to the doctor for those problems because i thought well that's just normal when you get older you're going to have those problems. I was just concerned about my tooth and my skin because i'm aging the progress has been so miraculous because things you don't even think that are wrong with you somehow the stem cells just know what to do and fix them.”

“And the care from the staff the everyone is extremely extremely loving and caring and i can't tell you how blessed. I feel to be here how i just feel extremely grateful to the doctor and the staff and everyone. I just think it has not just helped me but probably saved my life which is pretty amazing and just a quick note that my friend who came with me she you know was very happy with all my progress and she came and she had heart problems.”

“She had lung problems she was recuperating from a stroke she had ruptured discs and all kinds of back problems well now her last scan she was extremely better but she's playing pickleball and when she first came. She was flat on her back she couldn't walk more than just a little bit shuffle just a shuffle to walk and can you imagine pickleball so i'm extremely grateful and i hope that more of my friends can come.”

Advantages of Stem Cell for Face Rejuvenation in Puerto Vallarta Mexico by Immunotherapy

Here are several advantages of selecting Stem Cell for Eyesight in Puerto Vallarta Mexico:

  • Provide patient with safe and high-quality alternatives treatment
  • Provides the health you deserve
  • Get guidance from incredible team of expert doctors
  • Advanced medicine to enhanced lives
  • Provide cutting-edge stem cell therapy
  • More than 15 years of innovative research and empowering patients

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