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Location: Immunotherapy Regenerative Medicine, Mástil 20, Marina Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, JAL 48450
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
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Michele Experience after Receiving Stem Cell for Joint Pain in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Watch real testimonial Video of Stem Cell for Joint Pain in Mexico from Michele. Book your consultation now for Regenerative Therapy for joints at PlacidWay. Michele is feeling better after receiving stem cell therapy for joint pain in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. She says she's noticed a significant improvement in her pain level and mobility, and she's very glad she decided to go ahead with the treatment at Immunotherapy.

How Stem Cell for Joints in Mexico at Immunotherapy Changes Michele Life

“I'm 62 years old and i want to continue rejuvenating my body i don't think there's any reason. I should look 62. I don't act 62. so i don't want to feel 62 either i'm a very active lifestyle but i noticed lately. I mean even if i think about maybe i'm going to exercise for a change it started to hurt a bit so why should i accept that and what if i had more strength and more stamina and more more of a strong consistent energy you know. I heard my foot salsa dancing and i can't wear high heels let's fix that um you know my hair it's big but it's actually not in great condition.”

“I really want my hair to be stronger let's fix that and so you start realizing all of these things that you really don't have to accept and it's one of the things. I dislike about western medicine mentality is that as you age you're just supposed to be older fatter slower and we started talking about the base line issue really what's what's the problem underneath the problem so of course at 62 you have some hormonal issues. Things have changed not necessarily for the better and he starts studying me.”

“Dr Romero just he's intently studying me and before we even had blood tests and scan results so that's kind of the science behind it and looking into that further. He started pulling blood work and even more blood work and more blood work because one blood test creates more questions. I've had blood work in the states nobody even looked at these questions so that little thing on my list that i thought had to do with knees had to do with stomach okay now that's healed because in a week of a certain antibiotic combined with the vitamin protocol that thing is gone gone.”

“God's gone and nobody noticed this nobody asked the question and certainly nobody put together a sore knee with an infection in the gut so that's the brilliance of Dr Romero that creates some specific healing that's more directed towards the joints the salsa injury that's got to go because we must dance. I start telling people i'm going to mexico i'm going for stem cell therapy oh my god what's wrong with you well he does heal cancer but i don't have cancer. I'm just going and people couldn't understand why i would spend as much as a year's car payment in my health and i'm like it's a year's car payment why wouldn't i do that i invest i invest in real estate.”

“Why wouldn't i invest in my body and the price of illness is very high besides it's the fact that i have to pay doctors but i also lose that that component of my life. I can't even make money if i don't feel good. I can't i can't even be productive if i can't think you.”

Why Choose Stem Cell for Pain in Puerto Vallarta Mexico by Immunotherapy

Here are several benefits of choosing Stem Cell for Joint Pain in Puerto Vallarta Mexico:

  • Advanced medicine to enhanced lives
  • Provide cutting-edge stem cell therapy
  • More than 15 years of innovative research and empowering patients
  • Get guidance from incredible team of expert doctors
  • Provide patient with safe and high-quality alternatives treatment
  • Provides the health you deserve

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