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Munich, Germany
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How Stem Cell in Munich Gives Improvement for Carly’s Brain

Carly Experience after Receiving Stem Cell Treatment for Stroke in Munich Germany by CBC Health

Read below story from Carly family after receiving Stem Cell for Stroke in Munich Germany at CBC Health. Schedule your consultation now at PlacidWay. After suffering a stroke, Carly sought treatment at a CBC Health in Munich, Germany. She received stem cell therapy as part of her treatment plan. Miraculously, she improved significantly after receiving the therapy.

Read below for more information about Carly’s Story:

As of today, she notes these improvements:

  • She can now remember her dreams, something she could not do in the past,
  • She has more control of her right hand – in using for sign language, in shuffling cards, in doing finger exercises you recommended,
  • Her left hand is more relaxed, but finger exercises still seem beyond her brain’s ability.

As parents we are noticing the following:

  • More awareness of circumstances around her, time management, planning ahead, leaving reminders to herself, noticing,
  • Things that are not set out for her (as we prepare her morning tray with medications, etc.), she noticed that her new mouth spray was not there, even though this is a new part of her morning routine,
  • A strong desire to be a part of organizing her new therapies and remembering things that didn’t work well for her before (scheduling them back-to-back was tiring for her), even though we had not mentioned that for the last 8-10 years,
  • In meeting with new therapists, she took charge of the questions about her history and remembered times, dates, types of therapies she previously had, only looking to me occasionally for verification. This was definitely new.
  • We also notice a more natural/normal hunger pattern for her. Previously she was very content with very small amounts of food, and we coaxed her to consume more, especially fruits and vegetables. Now she mentions in between meals that she is feeling hungry and wanting just a small snack. She may not even notice this, but is appears that her body is telling her to consume more normal amounts of food.

These may not seem like big things to the average person, but to us and to her they are exciting! We are anticipating that with the new therapies there can be even more improvement.

Benefits of Regenerative Therapy for Stroke in Munich Germany by CBC Health

Here are several advantages of choosing stem cell therapy for stroke in Germany by CBC Health:

  • 20 years of Cord Blood Banking Experience to provide therapeutic solutions for ischemic stroke survivors
  • The team is constantly working on innovation to ensure high standards of efficiency along with quality and cleanliness
  • Receive high ratings for quality of care and efficiency
  • Providing top-rated services to the patients.

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