Testimonial from Daryl after Knee Replacement in Mexico

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Walk Painlessly with Orthopedic Surgery in Hermosillo Mexico

Read Testimonial from Daryl after Getting Knee Replacement Surgery in Hermosillo Mexico at Global Knee Center

Read testimonial from Daryl Retzlaff after getting Double Knee Replacement in Mexico. Get low-cost Orthopedic Surgery in Hermosillo at PlacidWay. Daryl Retzlaff is now able to walk with ease after receiving knee replacement surgery in Mexico by Global Knee Center. The experienced surgeons at Global Knee Center were able to provide Daryl with a high quality of care, which helped him improve quickly and get back to his normal life.


Daryl Retzlaff Was Very Impressed with Orthopedic Surgery in Mexico at Global Knee Center

"I arrived in Hermosillo Nov 28 2019 and had tests and blood work done.  On Dec 3, I was taken to Hospital Privado De Hermosillo for double knee replacement. The hospital was exceptionally clean and modern.  The hospital was also very accommodating supplying me with nurses and attendants that spoke English, as I don't speak Spanish. The surgery went well and after being discharged I was taken to the Hotel Lucerna (a 4 Star hotel) and supplied with 24 Hr. nursing (2 nurses) who also spoke English."

"The doctor gave me a cell phone with his# and that of physiotherapist (Clara) in case I had any problems or questions.  One of the treatments they used are leggings that were velcroed to my legs, they have numerous air bags built in and a air compressor that inflate and deflate at random resulting in a leg massage creating more blood flow and healing.  This was worn probably 23 Hrs day. This combined with my physiotherapy contributed to my being able to walk on and off the airplane unassisted 10 Days later. The part that I'm most impressed with I never felt that I was alone or abandoned, Dr. Rafael made sure he and Clara were available at all times, and supplying English speaking nurses."

"In Canada we have free medical, I've been in the Que for 5 years for knee replacements,  the last surgeon I saw said I would be having 1 knee replaced 16-18 Months and the 2nd a year after that was 2 years ago and to date I've heard nothing back.  I'm not at all sorry that I had both knees done, the pain factor alone, and the drugs taken for me to function on a daily basis.  I tried it all, I've had quartazone shots, Pro-lo treatments, Stem cell replacement, that all worked temporarily (the best being stem cells that lasted about 18 months).  With Dr. Rafael I inquired the first part of Nov and was operated on Dec 3."

Daryl Retzlaff (Satisfied Customer)

Benefits of Knee Replacement in Mexico by Global Knee Center

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  • Quick appointment and online consultation
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  • Cost effective solution for your knee problem
  • World Class center for Knee Replacement Surgery with best equipment and advanced technology
  • Best care solution for Knee Replacement Surgery with 28 years of experience

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