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Patient Testimonial – Holistic Treatment in Tijuana Mexico

Watch Testimonial from Mike after Receiving Stem Cell for Prostate Cancer in Tijuana Mexico

Watch real patient testimonial after Stem Cell for Prostate Cancer in Tijuana Mexico by Holistic Care. Book your consultation for Regenerative Therapy at PlacidWay. Check Mike full story below:

"I'm 77 years old and i feel like i'm a 30 year old man again my name is mike ensley and i'm from a little town called los gatos california my biggest concern i have stage four prostate cancer and since i've been here i've been here two weeks i was at a 1900 and it's already gone down to sixteen hundred i gotta wait one month then i'm gonna come back and redo my blood test the blood work is a b17 complex i got a vitamin e complex i got a stem cell nk shot three of them the dental procedure was very nice comfortable."

"Nothing hurt i feel comfortable the whole time i was here i've got four adjustments so far and i'm going to do them tomorrow morning at none tuesday morning and i got three more coming tomorrow. I'm 77 years old and i feel like i'm a 30 year old man again i'm comfortable being here i never got that kind of care from the hospitals that i had back in the states everybody's friendly everybody's on a first name basis and i just enjoy it the holistic care."

"You guys care because i'm very holistic myself because everybody welcomes you in here and i think it's because you have all these big beautiful things in your building all these crystals that lead up to life when you walk in this door i feel the energy right away inside the clinic is perfect everybody speaks perfect english the staff is just wonderful they all say good morning to you when you're leaving they all say goodbye everybody's happy i had no problems coming in."

Benefits of Selecting Holistic Treatments in Tijuana Mexico by Holistic Care

  • Provide promising benefits for patient with prostate cancer
  • Give hope of improvement for patients
  • Top clinic in Tijuana with 21 years of experience in regenerative medicine
  • Enhance the growth of new healthy tissue.

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