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Patient Testimonial – Stem Cell for MS in Tijuana Mexico

Watch Testimonial from Cesar after Receiving Stem Cell for Multiple Sclerosis in Tijuana Mexico

Watch patient testimonial after Stem Cell for Multiple Sclerosis in Tijuana Mexico by Holistic Care. Book cost-effective Regenerative Therapy at PlacidWay. Check Cesar full story below:

"Um and I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2018 it was December 21, 2007 but my symptoms started since I was 14 years old I am currently 19 years old but more or less since I was 14 years old I started with the first facial paralysis I did not know what happened I only went to school and out of nowhere half of my face was paralyzed and my beast no because it is attacking me."

"I didn't even know where the blows were raining down on me because I was totally confused you he has been treating me doctor adrián android since Monday, August 31, in a very lame state, I have been receiving serums intravenously, different types of vitamins and amino acids and other types of things. They extracted the stem cells from my knee so that the cells of the cells that they put an intravenous line because they also put an intravenous line in me and the ones they put in my back communicate when they arrive from the brain and that way they begin to fill the blank spaces that in my brain have improved my balance has improved by 10 15% 20%."

"But in a single day I am testing all day and that is something that has never been seen more after a lot of doctors have told me that no to my son you are not going to get better doctor adrián andrade told me when he saw me about three weeks ago he told me I guarantee you a 60% recovery at least 60% this month is over for me but all because I don't I cannot believe that they could guarantee me a minimum 60 percent recovery. I had never imagined it. This has been good for me. This treatment has been. I think it is the best thing that has happened to me in about 10 years. I believe everything in me. life of maybe."

Advantages of Regenerative Treatments for MS in Tijuana Mexico by Holistic Care

  • Help improve a person's symptoms
  • Enhance the growth of new healthy tissue
  • Slow down the progression of the disease
  • Best stem cell clinic in Mexico with 21 years of experience.

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