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Dr. Vorobiev | Serbian Rehab Clinic , Belgrade, Serbia

Center Name :Dr. Vorobiev | Serbian Rehab Clinic

Location :Sremskih Boraca 2E Zemun
Belgrade, Serbia 11080
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Heroin Addiction Treatment in Serbia

Today, it's hard for me to believe that I was ever a drug addict: a dirty, offensive, self-satisfied psychopath. I would steal and lie to meet my own ends, and mock my own mother. My friends were dangerous people. A few times I could have ended up in prison or died from an overdose. When I understood that my choice was giving up heroin or dying, I came to Dr. Vorobiev's clinic.

There, I was given another chance. My whole way of thinking changed. I came to a feeling of real disgust and fear of drugs. Now I have a good position in a large corporation. My bosses appreciate me and hold me up as an example for others. I love my work and derive pleasure from it. I built my own home. I live happily with my wife and two daughters. They are healthy and happy and don't even suspect what their father was in his previous life. I will do everything to keep my children from the tragedy that addiction causes. Thank you. It is a wonderful thing to be alive and sober.

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  • Alternative Medicine in Serbia,

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